Relevance of Social Media in Recruitment

Social media has taken all over, everywhere you go you can see the impact, want to locate a nearby restaurant or hire a new employee for your organization, just one click and you get the desired results!

Companies nowadays have found a new way to increase their brand awareness by hiring employees online .How many times do we see a job post by a company on your Facebook ,twitter ,LinkedIn account? If you are a regular visitor you will find that companies have actually started their hiring process on social media!

Statistics says  that social media recruiting market

  • Over 90% of employers will use social recruiting in 2014
  • 2/3 of Companies now recruit via Facebook; over half use Twitter and almost all use LinkedIn
  • 43 % of respondents felt that the quality of applicants has improved thanks to social media
  • 20 % said it takes less time to hire when using social recruiting

Many brands have separate LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts, exclusively dedicated to sharing relevant content and engaging with potential candidates, while ultimately driving traffic to their corporate careers page. This not only lesser down the burden of finding right candidates but also increases the brand awareness of the company.

Recruiters previously used a lot of various traditional sources to find the right fit for their company but soon they realized the importance of social media. Reports say’s that social media has become an essential part of everyone’s life so recruitment agencies thought why not hire online?

Social media can highlight your company’s positive contributions, interesting projects, company culture and your people. YouTube videos can give potential job applicants a unique insight into the people and the company culture, and company blogs are great for showcasing accomplishments and highlighting employee expertise.

Traditionally, recruitment has attracted applicants through adverts in local newspapers, trade journals and by word of mouth. However, the increasing use of social media raises the question of whether platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook can help attract a higher percentage of quality applicants than a ‘passive’ online advert.

So to find the impact of social media in recruitment, Gear up for the upcoming HR Conclave 2013 at Fortune Institute of International Business where corporates will be sharing their views with the students.!