Relieve Reboot Relive

It is both a boon and a bane to be born and being able to witness the dynamics of the 21st century for individuals around the globe. For people driven by the hunger to achieve better than today on major forefronts like careers and relationships, the innate passion has scientifically been proven to be a key component. Yet, the fast-paced competition and overpowering expectations leave a major chunk of budding minds with feelings of mediocrity, the futility of lifelong effort, mundane lifespan and stress. Hence, to be able to compete tomorrow, one needs to be content with their efforts and ambiance today, which ironically is seldom realized.

Bhaichung Bhutia, Former Indian Football Captain spoke at TEDxFIIB

While a degree of stress in one’s life can help motivation and performance, high levels of stress can be harmful. A 2018 Cigna study concluded that 89% of Indians feel they are suffering from stress. An Arcadis study of 2016 revealed that Work-life balance statistics in India is worst among peer countries. All the numbers are directing only towards one major problem – people pushing themselves harder to put more effort and still not achieving their goals. In times to come situations could perhaps worsen only making it difficult for the unaware budding leaders jostling amongst each other to enter this mindless rat race.

For students, it’s very important to maintain physical and mental balance to keep themselves happy and stress-free. Given that they’re in a crucial stage of life where there are choices that they have to make and challenges they have to face almost every day, some questions pop up every now and then. Challenge after challenge how do you never give up? How do you ensure that one bad day doesn’t impact your next day? And more importantly, how do you keep the newness alive in your life?

In such a scenario, what’s better than hearing the concept of relieve, reboot, and relive from one of India’s biggest superstars of Football on how that helped him lead a life with little stress and lots of lessons. Through various instances of his journey from playing International Football to winning a reality show, Bhaichung shares the idea of ‘Relieve, Reboot, Relive’ in his talk at TEDxFIIB V2. Bhaichung’s story of grit, passion, and going after what you love always gives a peek into how one can handle the biggest of life’s obstacles with a smile on face and determination in heart.