Research Initiatives at FIIB

FIIB is not only a place where students come to attain an education in Management Studies. It has rather significantly made a mark in the research community through its various initiatives targeted to attract researchers in the field. The various research programs include: Sustainability Summit, Finance Conclave, FIIB Business Review, etc. Two new initiatives started this year by the institute were: International Management Conference and the 1st Annual International Microfinance Research Workshop 2016

Panelists sharing thoughts on Opportunities in Wealth Management

In 2016, FIIB held its first ever International Management Conference on Business and Economy: Growth, Governance and Globalization focusing on various aspects of Management including policy making. More than 40 institutes participated in the Conference, 12 resource persons from reputed institutions observed the paper presentations, 90 authors contributed to 50 research papers, and 61 of them presented their papers in the conference. Selected papers from the Conference were published in two edited books: “Contemporary Issues in Business and Economy” and “Emerging Trends in Management and Public Policy”. The Research Workshop titled 1st Annual International Micro finance Research Workshop 2016 highlighting the need for Participation for Harmonious Development focused on the innovations happening in the field of microfinance which has given a new life to small and medium enterprises especially in the hinterlands.

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A regular feature of the Institute is its Sustainability Summit held annually in February to mark the Institute’s Founder’s Day. The aim of this Summit and also of the FIIB is to highlight the need for creating sustainable solutions and innovations to businesses. Various startups, agencies, and CSR initiatives present their business ideas around the themes of Sustainable Development. Some other major features of FIIB are the Finance and Marketing Conclaves which bring together experts from the industry.

Nickel Jain, 2nd yr student introduce Financial Services to audience

Lastly, FIIB through its in-house peer-reviewed quarterly journal FIIB Business Review (FBR) endeavors to build a knowledge network of management academicians, policy makers and practitioners by establishing a dialogue through articles that provide insightful perspectives on emerging managerial themes, management research of value to professional managers and academics, and management cases on the contemporary managerial issues. It is aimed to serve as a vehicle of communication, between those who study management and those who practice it, by publishing articles that are both research-based and practice-based.

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