Respect Womenhood!!!

Today we all talk about women empowerment, equality of men and women in our modern society,
We feel proud of Sonia Gandhi being the 6th most powerful women on this planet, or thinking about Chanda Kochar and Kiran Mazumdar.
But to know what people think about it… Are men and women actually being treated equally in our society…
What kind of modern & powerful nation we all talk about? Women in our society have to face biases daily starting from their birth to being held responsible for being molested or abused.
Those few thousands of people who were at Jantar Mantar on 31stdec 2012 at night when it was 3 degree Celsius, are modernised…we think & talk of gender equality and respecting women…for that matter most of the today’s youth thinks the same as we do…but not the whole society! Any individually cannot do anything..but if we all unite we can bring that change..Change is required in the mindset of the people who live in our society right from the VIPs & the politicians to the labour class.
If this young India is getting outraged, the govt and the society is to be blamed. First, already people have cheap mentality or you can say narrow mindedness when it comes to women. Secondly, the laws and rules n regulations and the judicial system is so weak that people are not afraid even a bit before or after committing any sought of abuse against any female.
Some people say that women get raped because the way they behave and dress. This smug segment of society refuses to believe that victim has nothing to do with being raped.Women are told not to venture out, dress properly, etc etc…these perceptions need to be changed…first we ourselves have to realise that a girl wearing a short skirt or hot pants is not carrying a tag of ‘RAPE ME’ with her.
Mothers and sisters should teach their boys how to respect women in their family and in the neighbourhood. Women empowerment should start from home.
If we guys are free to do whatever we want to..then so are women, there is no point in saying men will be men and women should behave. I just have one questions for those who think like this…can we people even think of surviving one day, ie, 24 hrs…if all the women go on strike n do not work for one whole day?….and the answer is obviously no. Infact we are here…because our mom, a female, suffered from pain & gave us birth, she left everything and took care of us.
A high court judge recently said…women will have to suffer from domestic violence and abuse as the guys of the family are earning and spending on them….so what…have they got the rights to abuse her now..? even she can go out and earn money..but only if she’s allowed to do so!!
Stop blaming the victim….and change the mindset of our society. We the masses and the hundreds and thousands of young Indians can do this.
Plus, Population of our sought of people is way more than those VIPs and ministers who are the law makers and think that they have the power to play god. If we get together we can change the way our society is behaving right now…
In January this year, there was a news that an Akali Dal leader was eve-teasing a girl in Punjab and when her father who himself was policeconstable tired protecting her was shot dead by the akali dal leader from point blank. If that bastard would have been caught and beaten up by public on the spot when he did such a shameful act..he would have learned a lesson plus it would have set an example for others.
The 5 rapists who were caught and put in tihar jail for the rape crime in December, were beaten up like hell by police…plus by the prisioners in tihar jail…they were made to eat each others shit…forced to have gay sex with each other.
Also, even the president’s son, Mr Abhijit Mukherjee, was made made to apologise on National TV when he passed a cheap comment on women and girls who do clubbing and were there at the Jantar Mantar protest.
Till now people used to commit such crimes and get away easily…but not now…we need to rise….
There has been an awakening…and it should not fall now…infact rise.
The revolt at Jantar Mantar & India Gate forced the govt. To change the law and bring a few amendments in the judicial system. And in fact it was for the first time that a change in law was done so speedily.
It is high time now friends, lets get together and raise this tide that has risen…and make our society a good and safe place to live. This thing is so much needed in our nation that it has become a global topic now. BBC world hosts a show…”world have ur say”…and it had a couple of episodes discussing the safety of women in india and the peoples mindset. Also…baan-k-moon, UN secretary, asked Indian govt. To look into our judicial system and harden the laws.
We should take a pledge, that if we see any sought of harassment being done with any girl anywhere, we would not just sit & see what is happening thinking that she is not my mother or sister, infact, RISE…TAKE A STEP FORWARD…and try and protect her from harassment..REMEMBER- EVEN THOUGH SHE IS NOT YOUR MOTHER OR SISTER BUT SHE MIGHT BE SOMEBODY ELSES.