Revealing #NoHypeMBA Secrets – The Road to Successville is Through Happiness Highway

From childhood, we’re given an unwritten script to live the ‘ideal and successful’ life often running rat races for a sense of ‘achievement’. We get so engrossed in our pursuit of success that we lose the element of happiness behind. India ranks extremely low in the happiness index, there’s a surge in mental illnesses, and the youth of the country is depressed. Shaping the youth of today, it’s the responsibility of institutions of higher ed space to keep its students happy first and prepare them for career goals and corporate trials along the way.

FIIB places its students’ happiness above all, and believes that happy students = successful adults. That’s why, at each step of their life at FIIB, the students have fun, learn to cherish the little moments that bring joy, and understand the pure delight of life-long learning and education that matters. Scroll on to reveal our sacred secrets of building a culture of long-term success inspired by happiness through a student’s journey at FIIB.

”I always wanted to get enrolled in an institution where learning, fun, culture, lore and literature are also a part of the program. And, thankfully, FIIB is one such place that offers practical learning along with lots of extracurricular activities. I have successfully secured a job at a reputed organisation. All thanks to FIIB extracurricular activities!” – Lisa Kadam, Placed In: Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

“The happiest moment of my life is when I got placed at Grofers as Management Trainee. I genuinely believe that learning wasn’t just learning at FIIB and every single student gets proper attention. Whenever I was feeling low or unable to crack any particular round, I approached to Faculty and they helped me out by telling what I did wrong. I have many different reasons to thank FIIB but individual attention and proper guidance are the two major reasons among all.” Vidhi Chauhan Placed In: Grofers

According to a harvard study, students who are happy are 20% more likely to become impactful leaders in future than students who are stressed in their college life. They are also more creative and think out of the box. Our cheerful students are picked by reputed companies for as much for their attitude as their aptitude.It is no wonder that 30% of our alumni are at CXO level. It’s been 25 years of pure joy shaping young students into happy and successful adults and nothing feels more satisfying than knowing these happy waves will change the world as we know it!