Right Learning with a Live Project

Since the day I joined FIIB, I have been given various opportunities to study and learn the art of management, both in and outside the classroom. Currently, I am working on a live project with Axis Bank (Promotion of a UPI-based app). This live project compels me to learn the process of selling empirically and convincing users and merchant vendors to use newly launched Axis Pay app to promote cashless transactions.

Though interesting yet it was a stout situation for me to handle the Live Project along with the classes of term-2, at the college. However, the supportive faculty of Fortune Institute of International Business has provided enough guidance to help me develop as a multitasker.

I came with a work experience of 3 years, yet I found the live project work a lot different from my own startup, a Cloth-Recycling based company ‘Sneh Industries.’ The live project was bigger with a magnitude of customer approaching for app selling. I never really had any exposure outside of Kanpur and now thanks to the life project, I’m getting consumer insights from Delhi NCR.

I would like to share an instance that I recently faced during the life project, when I first went to the merchant vendor, I was not sure of my selling skills, whether I would able to convert it or would end up with the presentation only, post which I came back to the college and met with the Marketing Faculty and shared my experience. He simply replied saying “you have not understood the 5th stage of selling process that is Handling Objections” and taught me to continue convincing until the buyer gets satisfied. Hence, I learned that selling is not for a timid one rather it is for the determined one. I am sure this kind of empirical teaching will absolutely be an added advantage for anyone.

I would say it is justified to say that dealing with customers or users directly is the hardest job for anyone. Might you erudite in theory part but practically selling something is completely different. And there are more steps than the 6 theoretical steps of ‘Selling Process’. During the curriculum of Marketing management, and Sales, Negotiation and Business Development (MM and SNBD) in the first year of PGDM it was the best opportunity to learn and apply to the pre-stage of placement. Moreover, the faculty is really very cooperative and amicable. You can approach any faculty at any time and be honest they attend you all the time and provide best solutions for your queries.

This live project has also given me the insights of corporate functions and customer preferences that I hope would help me while I appear for an interview. I am quite sure now I can handle any kind of sales interview with confidence where the selection is not in my hands but my performance and my knowledge will lead me towards the selection.

The challenges I faced during Live Project are in fact the learnings for me and will apply the improved technique to tackle such challenges in future regarding “Direct Sales.”

Raghavendra Trivedi, Class of 2016