MBA Admissions: Devil is in the detail

 FIIB is delighted to launch its blog series  Student Feature: highlighting students’ experience and learning during the PGDM at FIIB. Begin  with our first year student Shiva Verma shares insights from his hunt for a perfect B-School.

During my search for the best suited Management Institute, I relied on secondary research through internet and primary research through campus visits. I evaluated infrastructure, placements, curriculum, faculty, alumni, fees, campus location etc.

PGDM admissionsIt was then that I learnt one important thing- you need to pay attention to detail. It is not about just about asking many questions, it is also about choosing the right words to ask a question. Hence, I decided to write this article for all the aspirants who want to pursue a PGDM degree, to help  with questions you should ask when comparing Management institutes. Here are a few quick tips based on my learning, made through my MBA admission research for 2016-2017:

Regular recruitment

Clarity on placements is crucial for any MBA aspirant. Only a conscious effort of creating a sustainable structure around placements can guarantee them every year. At FIIB most of the recruiters have been coming to campus for the past 5-7 years and many have recruited since its inception. This reflects and assures a strong relationship between the institute and the industry.

Placement guarantee

Placements can also be very superfluous. For example, one of the MBA institutes I visited claimed 100% placements, but upon further research I found out, that most of their students left the jobs within 6 months of joining! Hence, I was relieved to learn about the FIIB career management cell that helps students more than just providing a job. FIIB gives opportunities of interacting with the alumni, regular guest lectures and skill building workshops, than just placements and pre-placement talks. Most of the ex-students have continued with the same organization since their graduation from FIIB and succeeding well in their roles.

A full time faculty

On visiting a few institutes, I was given a laundry list of over 100 faculty members who taught on campus. However, I later learnt that most of these faculty members were working part time or just visiting. As an MBA student, I can assure you we need faculty guidance around the week which only full time faculty members can provide. So please ensure that the business college you finally choose should have a basic full time faculty pool. When I visited FIIB I was not only impressed by the number of full time faculty members, but also a mentoring program and many opportunities for faculty and students to interact in and outside the classrooms.

What includes the fee?

It is important to ask what is included in the course fee and whether it is worth the investment. For example, at FIIB, I got to know that the academic fee includes a week long study abroad tour which promises great international exposure and opportunity to learn. Components like these justify the fee being charged, and the return on investment is guaranteed- in terms of learning, growth and eventually placements. Hence, I strongly recommend probing into what the fees includes, rather than just discussing the fees in absolute terms.

 A well-stocked library

I found the library quite well stocked, however, I thought it would be better to ask a few second year students about their experience at the library and they said “for us, library has proved to be a great centre for knowledge”. I was immediately impressed with the structure and the number of books in the library along with a vast variety of journals, publications, management books, fiction and non-fiction books, and daily newspapers and magazines. I set out of the library assured that the place will always have more than enough to offer!

As an experienced MBA seeker, I earnestly request other prospective students to walk around the campus and see the infrastructure- computer labs, classrooms, recreation room etc.

Though these decision cannot be made in one go, so one should visit campuses a few times and make all sort of inquiries. An MBA institute that is truly committed to the growth of its students will be welcoming to answer your queries. After all, the institute should offer you more than just a placement!