Same Profession, Different Approaches – How Educators Are Going Beyond The Call Of Duty to Shape Young Leader-Managers’ Lives

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought some major upheavals in the teaching profession, forcing most educators to become good learners to stay good teachers. The adjustment required on their part was to seek a more balanced teaching-learning approach and develop a learner-teacher mindset  

However, the sense of responsibility and commitment shown by the educators to make this adjustment has been nothing less than phenomenal. Stories of the challenges faced and how educators re-educated and adapted themselves to ensure smooth learning for their students are all over the media. Here are a few such stories from the FIIB faculty community, who share their distinct experiences of not just how they embraced the new-age, new-tech teaching methods but also of how they had to go beyond the call of their duty to cultivate a self-learner mindset and invoke emotional intelligence in their students to ensure their overall well-being as well.

Establishing a parallel learning-teaching system digitally

The whole concept of providing meaningful learning experiences to students has changed drastically in the last few months, leaving no other option for B-Schools than to embrace the digital ways of teaching. “While brainstorming to set up digital classrooms for FIIB Racers, my main focus was on capitalizing the relationship between students and teachers, and not just developing a platform where teachers can broadcast their course content,” says Prof. Prashant Verma, Assistant professor – Business Analytics.

Creating an interactive and adaptive learning environment digitally was challenging, but what gives me immense happiness is that my fellow faculty members did not have to compromise on their teaching experience and that we have been able to onboard both the batches of students to continue their MBA education in a virtual manner.”

Getting familiar with the new medium of teaching

Dr. Ekta Singhal, Assistant Professor – Marketing, believes that the new concept of teaching requires three critical behavioral adjustments from the educators – going beyond your comfort zone, imbibing the concept of ‘learning with fun’ into your teaching style, and most importantly, upskilling oneself to make others’ more skillful. “I personally felt that students expect more from their faculty when interacting in a virtual mode. I have upgraded my technical skills and also befriended some never-before used tech applications just to make my virtual classrooms exciting and learner-centric.” 

Making students independent in actions and thoughts

Prof Shuchi Dixit, Assistant Professor – HR emphasises on seeding emotional maturity in students, whether through counselling or by leveraging students’ participation in fun-learning activities. “I always ask students to become self-learners and advise them to consider self-strength as a need-of-the-hour weapon that will prepare them well to deal with the 21st century world corporate challenges and help them create positive energy and enthusiasm to foster and drive meaningful change in their lives.

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Energizing individual spirits by coming together as a community

Prof. Arpan Anand, Assistant Professor – Marketing feels that more than the academics and the classroom teaching it is the disruptions in the extracurricular activities part of management education caused by the pandemic situation that has negatively affected the learning curve of the students. So being the head of FIIB’s Spirit Committee Prof. Anand didn’t let the lockdown hardships come his way in providing exciting volunteering opportunities to the students. 
“Despite all the odds, I called a meeting with my other senior Spirit Committee members and decided to plan virtual #FunFriday evenings to provide much-needed relaxation as well volunteering opportunities to students.” Prof. Anand along with his energetic team had successfully organised virtual Teacher’s Day, Independence Day, a series of #FunFriday events, and other such fun learning events to boost students’ spirits. “Delivering lectures in a fun-manner is my signature style and I always believed in upskilling myself so shifting from teacher to learner was not really my main COVID-19 hardship.”