Satisfaction lies in the Effort: My Success Story

My journey at Fortune Institute of International Business began exactly the next week when my engineering exams were over. And now when I look back at that journey, these two years at FIIB passed in the blink of an eye.

The two years at FIIB have not been easy. Stepping from B. Tech into MBA, it was a complete roller coaster ride for me. But fortunately, the faculty members, the staff and the management at FIIB and my batch-mates have helped and guided me throughout. Be it conclaves, fests, events, seminars, Sam Walton exchange program or classroom lectures, learning at FIIB has always been fun. Everything at FIIB has shaped me into a better individual today.

Before joining the two year MBA course at FIIB, I was pretty dull as an individual. I did not know how to communicate properly. I was not thinking much about my career since I had no idea about how to overcome my shortcomings. But insights from FIIB programs like Toastmasters, Conclaves and Seminars helped me to overcome my fear of communicating with other people and develop more confidence in me. The selected classroom programs, where we had to make presentations and speak before the entire class, were very helpful in boosting my presentation skills and confidence. The FIIB Faculty instilled in me, the art of meaningful communication through the out of the box classroom programs.

One thing that has really impressed me is the unique course curriculum at FIIB and the amazing faculty members. With subjects and electives so dynamic and up to date, it made our studies very interesting and interactive. I believe I am very fortunate to have been guided and mentored by a few of the best professors I have ever known. I shall always remain grateful to all of my faculties and specially Dr. Sharad Chaturvedi for helping me with the Operations subject.

The Business Communication Cell of our college put a lot of hard work in making us market ready. Regular training and group discussions, writing skills, general knowledge and soft skills helped me to polish my skillsets and become industry ready.

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all!”

Today when I look at myself, I see a completely changed person. I have undertaken a long journey and have learnt a lot not only in improving my intellectual skills but also in the way I communicate, behave & present myself in the corporate world. I feel great to be amongst the first few to be placed. We need to keep an open mind and weigh opportunities for learning and development over the pay or location.

Results of learning at FIIB definitely don’t end here. I am extremely confident that what I learnt during these two years will help me in my career ahead and act as a supporting pillar to my success. I am extremely contented with my selection at Venture Sports. However, I will miss my college and everything about it.