Scholars, creators, and thought leaders – Faculty at FIIB are superheroes without capes

Scholars, creators, and thought leaders – Faculty at FIIB are superheroes without capes

“A teacher ignites the fire that fuels a student’s thirst for knowledge, curiosity, and wisdom” – Anonymous

An educational institution is shaped by its faculty, and since it is the faculty who plays the pivotal role in mentoring and guiding students to become leaders of tomorrow, FIIB is proud to be home to adept academicians whom the students always look up to. Every faculty member fulfills multiple responsibilities in paving a successful career path for their students.

Their job doesn’t end there, as critical thinkers, they take up research to solve the complex management challenges that arise globally; they contribute to the training of industry leaders and other faculties through Management Development Programs and Faculty Development Programs; They challenge students in and outside the classroom; They are learners as well, they continuously commit towards fostering knowledge and turning it into applicable concepts of real world.

Their decades of industrial and academic experience helps students understand the real-life complexities and learn through the knowledge their faculty acquired through the lifetime. That is why, once the students enter FIIB, their faculty become their lifelong mentors. Among our faculty are renowned researchers, published authors, and award-winning innovators and research scholars.

“The most important thing for faculty is to put learning first, despite whatever. That means turning every experience of students into something through which they learn the concepts of Business, management, and life. It’s important that they are prepared for the testing times that corporate life throws at them. They spend the most of their time at college with us, that puts a huge responsibility on our shoulders to mold them into success-ready individuals. Of course, it’s not easy but knowing that these people who are listening carefully to each and every word that we speak in the classroom have the potential to become the game changers of the marketplace and economy keeps us on our toes to keep ourselves updated and make learning impactful” said Dr. Nimit Gupta, Best Faculty at FIIB 2018  who is also awarded for “Outstanding Contribution to Nation” by National Excellence Award for Innovative Teaching 2017.

Dr. Anil Kumar Sinha, Director at FIIB  said, “Our faculty is multifaceted and practice what they teach. Their numerous awards, research papers, and publications stand true to the fact that learning doesn’t stop and with every new batch, you unlearn and relearn along with the students. Our faculty members are a mix of both experienced and young scholars who maintain a balance between traditional and conventional teaching methodologies”

Here’s a glimpse at our Faculty Showcase:

Collective Industry Experience of Faculty : 122 years
Collective Academic Experience of Faculty: 171 years
%age of Faculty with Ph.D: 71%
%age of Faculty with more than 10 years of industry experience: 36%