Shape your Nation- Vote for India

Indian General Elections to the 16th Lok Sabha has rolled off since7th April and the process will last till 12th May 2014. The election will cover 543 parliamentary constituencies of India and also is the largest election to be held in the world. Each voter will have the equal opportunity to shape the future of this great nation.

The real picture of a democracy is sketched by its voters. That’s why; voting is not only a right, but also a big responsibility. Exercising this power is crucial for ensuring a stable and progressive government. The question is not what if only one vote goes missing; the question should be what impact a single vote can have on a democratic system. Before you think that casting your vote is not that important, run through these six reasons why every eligible citizen should vote:

  1. Vote for your Rights: To be able to vote is your constitutional right. As an independent citizen of an independent nation, you must vote to exercise your rights.
  2. Vote for your Health: All important decisions regarding medical care, health and hygiene for the common people are either determined or influenced by the government. It is your responsibility to elect a ruling party, which will take care of the necessary health concerns.
  3. Vote for your Education: A better government means better education for everyone. Be it your children, your neighbor or for yourself; vote to ensure better facilities in the educational sector.
  4. Vote for your Children’s Future: As responsible parents, you ought to take care of your kids’ future. Since they can’t vote; you will have to do it for them to safeguard their future and make certain that they do not face any complications later just because you didn’t vote to choose the right administration.
  5. Vote for a Positive Change: Elections are instrumental in bringing on changes into various dimensions of a society through mass participation and standing for the right party, the right candidate! Your vote is an opportunity to bring a positive change into the society and also the nation.
  6. Vote because it counts: There is power in numbers. While your vote is your voice; it has no value at all if you are not going to exercise its power. Every vote counts; make it work.

Finally, if you do not vote and someone “Not so right” is elected; pointing out mistakes later or complaining about the ruling party would be deemed meaningless. You have tremendous power at your hand. You can contribute towards changing the system and make it work- make the best use of your right.