Side Effect of Alcohal

Alcohol consumption is a learned behavior no one likes the taste of alcohol at first. People drink out of curiosity or escape from an unpleasant feeling with a sense of well- being and euphoria. Alcoholics are perceived as being weak people or as having bad habits. Alcoholism is the disease produced by the repeated misuse of ethyl alcohol. It is a Primary disease it is not caused by some underlying psychological or moral flaw. It is a chronic disease: it does not go away with time. It is a Progressive disease it does not improve as long as one continues to drink. It is a potentially fatal disease if the drinking is not interrupted.

Once alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream it is rapidly distributed throughout the body. It affects almost every cell every organ and every level of human functioning. The most profound early effect is on the central nervous system where it acts as a sedative producing relaxation and sense of well-being. It impairs the intellect, physical abilities and metabolism.
When alcohol is taken regularly in large amounts over many years permanent physical damage will occur. This damage is often aggravated by the lack of vitamins because most alcoholics have poor eating habits. Alcohol can also damage the liver, brain and other parts of the nervous system. In the final stages of alcoholism, parts of the brain are permanently damaged and confusion, disorientation and DT’s result.
Any chemical that alters mood, feelings, co-ordination, perception, behavior, alters the cells in the brain and disrupts their normal chemical behavior. When alcohol enters the blood stream it travels to the brain. Alcohol can affect millions of nerve cells and change communication patterns throughout the brain. Alcohol can impair vision, distort hearing, Disorder speech, impair judgment, dull the body’s senses, disturb motor skills, and reduce co-ordination. Deep inside the brain alcohol can affect the areas that control aggression, hunger and thirst, pleasure and pain, and body temperature.

These effects are produced because alcohol inhibits blood from transporting oxygen to brain cells. When brain cells are deprived of oxygen, they become impaired and possibly die. That’s brain damage Because the brain matures more slowly than other organs of the body, it may be even more susceptible to certain permanent, irreversible effects of alcohol.
The hypothalamus is the portion of the brain that controls lour automatic reflexes: breathing, heartbeat, and other bodily operations over which an individual has no conscious control. When alcohol is present in the blood stream it directly affects the hypothalamus, possibly damaging it, particularly during the adolescent years.
In addition, alcohol has a profound effect on the frontal lobe- the part of the brain that allows us to analyze and program our behavior. It also allows us to convert experience to memory and is responsible for the formation of our “self-image”. These processes require a tremendous amount of energy. The depressant nature of alcohol directly lowers die energy centre in the brain. Those who lower the energy levels in the brain by using alcohol or other toxic chemicals, lose not only mental capacity, but their ability to realize they have lost it.
Adolescence is a time of changing attitudes, perception and behavior. Peer pressure is very strong and the need to belong and to be accepted often leads a young person to yield to these pressures. Adolescence is also a time of fluctuating psychological and physical growth. Brains cells are especially important during this developmental period and must be protected.


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  1. Kirti Manral says:

    Nicely written and informative. But do keep ni mind the fact that drinking alcohol in a suitable quantity (depend upon person to person and his ability to drink) with a proper diet does’nt effect a person as such. The blog has various infos about the side effect which I preassume, has been said by various medical experts but these experts had also said that taking a peg everyday is good for your health( again assuming you have read it somewhere as I did). People spent 100 bucks on a burger (which have a life span of months if kept preserved) sitting in a mall and scream we are health consious, bullshit. People live and die everyday, emphasis should be on not becoming a slave of alcohol. Have fun with drink, don’t let it make fun of you.

  2. Aakanksha Joshi says:

    Amazing read. Hope people understand the consequences and become responsible. Good work!

  3. check here says:

    I do not even know the way i ended up here, but I imagined this post had been great. My spouse and i don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger if you aren’t already 😉 All the best!

  4. Arti Verma says:

    Great effort in creating awareness about the bad effects of alcohol .

    Good work through this blog

  5. neha says:

    great inormation

  6. Vipin Sehgal says:

    Very well said bro !!

    “Leave Alcohol otherwise life will leave you”

    Vipin Sehgal

  7. libin.joseph says:

    Well written..one of the biggest social issue,our young society facing today !

  8. Swasti Bardhan says:

    Very informative……It’ll further increase my distance from Alcohol which I’ve always maintained .

  9. Nitish Goel says:

    Great work

  10. Shruti Dubey says:

    Make people understand this fact and quit the habit of consuming alcohol. It not only ruin their life but also their dependent’s life.

    Good work done Ashish..!!!!

  11. Priyanka Singh says:

    Alcoholic is a person who consumes 150 ml/day.

  12. sonali.jain says:

    I would just like to say I have just found out my friend’s dad died as he had liver disease, due to alcohol. I wish people would listen more to the warning’s instead of just thinking its not bad for you..There’s nothing good in alcohol abuse. It’ll only give you lasting negative effects that’ll surely affect your health in the future. Keep in mind that anything in excess is harmful. Always look after your health and never exchange it for the temporary effects that alcohol can bring.

  13. Richa Singhania says:

    consumption of alcohol should not be viewed as a means to escape the worries of life…people should have the courage to face it

  14. Ashwani Kumar says:

    nicely written…….informative!!!!!

  15. Arti Verma says:

    Great effort to create awareness about the side effect of Alcohol!!!!
    Keep it up!!!!

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