Social Media in HR-Story of success

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old”
― Peter F. Drucker

Early on with the outbreak of social media there was a tendency for Human Resources to say that this is not my area, that’s rather a tech thing. However, we now realize that as we have reached 2013, it has become “the year of Social HR”. Since , HR has emerged as a powerful business tool, HR professionals should become increasingly social-media-savvy in order to navigate a progressively more digital environment. Keeping in mind the growing importance of social media in all fields including HR,  theme for 3rd conclave in Innovation in HR – gearing for 2020 series was decided as ‘Social Media in HR’.



To begin the first session, our seniors Priyanka and Vishnu gave a presentation to introduce the audience with the topic of first Panel discussion. They spoke about “Social Media in employee engagement”. They started their presentation with a very nice video, followed by need, techniques & benefits of Employee Engagement. They also mentioned how employee’s activities on social networks can impact the organizations & its image & hence, the employer’s role in tracking them.


Our first guest for the day was Mr. Chandra Sekhar Pandey. He was the Director- Staffing at Sapient technologies  & has over 22 years of work experience. He spoke about Role of Social Media in Employer Branding. He started the discussion with a statement that, Individuals need to be engaged with themselves first before they can engage with an organization”. He then explained us the role of social media in employer branding in depth. He concluded by sharing the vision of the new HR department that would be a group of “Artists, Musicians, and Mathematicians with some Data Specialists who would collectively run the show for Human Resource Department”.


Our next panelist for the day was Mr. Puneet Pandey. He is currently working as AVP-HR, with HCL Technologies. At HCL, he is responsible for all activities related to talent acquisition for all Line of Business’s in India.  He started the discussion by talking about the  “ME”, generation. That is why HCL launched the digital partner for employee called “NATASHA”. This came as a trendsetter and gave the new culture to the organization of not accepting “No” from anyone for anything. Quick Communication became the King. He had more of an interactive session with the students. Students at FIIB asked several questions and the way he answered left everyone spell bound. He concluded by  giving an example of employee referral being the key source of hiring for his team as people now see transparency and advocates for HCL basis this level of engagement where they are not only heard but listened to.


The second half of the session was followed by our third panelist for the day, Mr. Devender Dalal, Human Resource Manager at SafeNet InfoTech who has been associated with multiple HR functionaries and has been instrumental in Competency Mapping, Employee Engagement and mapping the feedback process in the organization. He laid a strong emphasis on using the social media platform to build a culture of transparency and accountability within the organization.


The topic for the next session was Role of Social Media in Talent Acquisition. It was all about organizations feeling the need to be present on not just one social media platform, however, on ensuring that they are “available and listening” to all at all times. The session began with a presentation by Charvi and Sunny where they introduced the topic by showing how social media has become the first choice of recruiters to find talent.
Our next panelist for the day was Mr. Sanjay Mitra, Former Global Head OD and VP-HR, Global Logic who was responsible for Talent Planning, Talent review, Succession management & Talent Acquisition. According to him “ With every step of online presence, you are leaving your footprints behind”. This quote left everyone spell bound.


Our final panelist for the day was Mr. Sushil Mehrotra, Excellence Coach .He has 26 years of experience in people development and business management.  He talked about how Human Resource Teams practice the “Law of Averages” by checking your friend list and posts as they strongly believe that “You are the average of People that you have been with”.


At the end the results for paper presentation competition on the topic “Role of Social Media in HR” were announced. The inter college competition saw participation from various colleges including Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies and Apeejay  School of Management. The judges announced Shreeshti Ghosh and Vishnu Channon (FIIB) as winners and Anshpreet Kaur and Saurabh Mathur (ASM) as first runner up. They were awarded certificates and cash prizes for their achievement.


The conclave proved to be a fruitful experience for one and all and it came out to be a huge success.