Social Media in HR



Easy or difficult with the advent of Social Media”

Earlier role of HRM within organizations ranges from recruitment and selection, job analysis and appraisal to reward management. The advent of globalization and the changing nature of work, human resource management considers employees as valuable assets that contribute to the organization’s competitive advantage.

What Human resources actually does:

Emergence of social media:

Social Media has emerged as a powerful business and HR tool. This discipline deals with selecting appropriate Social Media sites and formats from the myriad options available and leveraging the same to create value for the organization. By 2013 we realized that it has become the “year of social HR”. This discipline emphasizes harnessing social media for effective Human Resource Management which includes recruitment, collaboration and engagement. It also explores the non-financial impact as well as the approaches for measuring the return on investment in Social Media. It also outlines the future trends and implications of Social Media for HR professionals. Socialnetwork is an important way to build the employment brand and showcase job opportunities, culture and also what it’s like to work with a particular organization. Mobile makes it easier for candidates to instantly apply, helping organizations close the talent gap faster.A recent Jobvite survey reported that of 1600 respondents, 60% have saved an average of $20,000 annually by using social recruiting tools and 20% have saved an average of more than $90,000.  This is a budgetary difference that gets noticed.

Social media changes HR in 3 fundamental areas:

  • Employee Communication. Before social media, employers communicated to their employee using in person meetings, email, memos, and interoffice mail. Changes in policy or corporate restructures were communicated the same way. There was control, predictability and a flow to the communications as well as change. Enter social media Employers must now communicate changes to their organization making the assumption that by telling one, you are telling all . Gone are the individual meetings where HR travels to one location at a time, announcing terminations and restructures. A single tweet or Facebook update serves as public notice to any type of corporate change throwing a wrinkle in the corporate communication process.
  • The Voice of the Employee. Before social media, companies could rely on break room suggestion boxes, employee hotlines and closed room meetings as a way for employees to raise and express concerns. A company’s biggest fear was an EEO Charge or a letter to the editor. Enter social media through which blogs, and online forums employees can share their experiences and suggestions . Like consumers companies have little control except to monitor, address the change and continue to communicate.
  • Employer Branding. Even during a recession, employees have choices. In the past, employers communicate their job openings using one-way conversation tools like the newspaper, job boards or career fairs. HR and Recruiting teams are now seen as an extension of their PR and Marketing departments except their target audience using social media as candidates not consumers. Of course in many cases, these are one and the same. HR and Recruiting teams are forever changed as they use social media to talk directly to the candidate if they are active, passive, or indifferent.

“Social media changes business. Social media changes HR. Social media changes everything.”

The key platforms for social media are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were called “Big three” of social media. However a major powerful player has emerged which is Google+ used across multiple communication channels. Thus, social media can be used as an efficient HR tool and some companies like McKinsey&Company, UPS – Nailing the candidate experience, Sodexo – Nailing talent attraction and Home Depot – Nailing transparency and candidate communication benefited from adopting Social media in HR practices.

A great opportunity at FIIB

Wehereat realized the importance of HR as a function being the foundation of any corporate. Thus we took this initiative of promoting HR. To promote, HR as the year of social HR my college FIIB is coming up with a seminar in the last week of November. Seminar will include opinions and thoughts of the industry leaders associating some big brands. Also, some important discussions will be carried out by reputed people affiliated to the theme. As an individual I am very excited and encourage you to stay tuned for further information as this will provide great platform for networking as well as getting exposure to the new trends in the industry.


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