Social Media Marketing

Social media networks are fast becoming the infrastructure of the web as all of our personal data and connections are being aggregated into databases. The value of Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter can be estimated by the fact that they can store this information and also make it available for companies, advertisers, marketers, and consumers. The more information social networks know about us and our connections, the more targeted they can make their advertising and ultimately their business value.
Social media has a broad meaning and communities which include forums, virtual worlds, social news organisations, social opinion sharing sites and social networks fall under its purview. Social networks are built with a platform that enables users to create or identify profiles with the ability to interact with other members and participate in various site activities. With memberships that are growing daily and the amount of people interacting with these various sites, marketers and businesses have found a tool that can make money likewise.
Marketers spend a lot on social network advertising and there has also been a net progression of businesses implementing social media into their businesses. Social media is expanding as a sophisticated business tool because it provides businesses a unique opportunity to target customers and its prospects. For instance, the massive social network ‘facebook.com’ which has millions of subscribers can create fan pages and videos to show people how their products are reliable. Furthermore, social networking sites are promoting rapidly through the internet acquiring users around the world; the more quickly social networking sites grow, the more quickly they spread. It has been a vital source of revenue for some businesses to market their products and services. As a result many advertisers have conducted consumer promotions involving social media to generate attention and participation in their promotions
Nowadays employers and employees understand the power of social media networks in creating real business value and relationships with customers, press, analysts, and all other stakeholders. It argues that employees participating in social networks have already developed a network that can help them in the long term within their development and promotion in regard to their progress in a company for future prospects.