Sound mind in a sound body – Balanced Student of today becomes a balanced employee of tomorrow

Today’s rapidly evolving workplaces demand managers who are dynamic, flexible, and quick to assess the problems and make complex decisions. Job roles today require a high level of analytical skills, thinking out of the box, and maintaining a calm demeanour even in the face of adversity. That means, one needs to continuously learn while also focussing on having a sound mind in a sound body. It simply means that people who can strike a balance between being physically and mentally fit and are able to thrive in the rapidly evolving corporate environment. 

However, achieving this balance may not be as simple as it sounds. In fact, a recent study from the World Health Organization states that anxiety and depression costs the global economy 1 trillion USD each year in lost productivity at workplaces. So, while organizations are becoming more aware and creating happy workplaces to promote employee health, higher education institutions also need to step up in cultivating a culture of balance between body, mind, and soul. 

At FIIB, we lay a lot of emphasis on maintaining a three-way equilibrium of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of our students so that they become balanced individuals. Apart from nurturing a happy MBA culture in academics and extracurriculars, FIIB is also home to some unique initiatives taken for its students and employees making it a happy place to study and work at.

Employees who are balanced mentally and physically tend to be more productive at work, not just that, their retention rates are higher compared to those who struggle at this balance. That’s why when we recruit talent, we tend to look for students who have high EQ and demonstrate a physical and mental equilibrium – says Deloitte, one of our recruiting partners.

Starting the day off right with a healthy meal is a major contributor to being fit and we ensure that our students, faculty and staff stay charged through the day with refreshments to-go offering healthy fruit, tea, and cookie options. These energy-boosting snacks provide them with enough stamina to power through the day. It’s open to the entire FIIB community so that if anyone misses on breakfast in the morning rush, they still get to a nutritional meal before they get into their daily grind. 

Working out is a great stress buster in addition to keeping oneself fit. FIIB has started off this culture of staying fit by offering gym services to its entire community with an expert trainer to guide them for diet and exercise planning. FIIB racers use saddle gym to train hard and become their better versions physically too! 

Being at a juncture where they face difficult choices every day, students might often feel stressed or anxious. It is okay to feel overwhelmed or stressed, but it is not okay to be not able to talk to someone about it. FIIB has signed up and provides access to a 24X7 confidential counselling services platform for everyone at FIIB so that whenever someone feels stressed, depressed, or demotivated they have the option of talking to a therapist just on a click. People at FIIB can avail this service by signing up from their FIIB email ids and consult a counsellor via chat, audio call, or video call.

Many studies suggest that music can uplift the mood and improve the focus while studying or working. So what’s better than having a music station in one’s work and play area? Students get to change the playlists and beats according to what they’re doing while they are spending time at student lounge and game rooms. It seems a simple thing but does wonders for someone who’s having a hard day.

Sports and games play a big role in being physically and mentally happy. Moving around and playing releases happy chemicals in the brain. Game rooms are also the places where friendships grow stronger over competitions and laughter.

In addition to these initiatives, at FIIB there are also other regular workshops like Zumba, Yoga, Calligraphy,  etc. for everyone to find some time in the busy schedule that double up as hobby builders and stressbusters. Spaces at FIIB have been revamped to give a more collaborative and co-working look and feel to bolster creativity. The cafe, seating areas, courtyard spaces etc are not just for students to hang out but also to make meaningful connections with the entire FIIB community.

By consciously making efforts to help students find and maintain physical, mental, and emotional stability, FIIB is creating balanced leader-managers of tomorrow who will be ready for the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous challenges of the 21st-century world of work. 

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