Start Up Story Renowatt Energy, Nagpur

“I would confess that in the beginning, apart from a determination I lacked all the means to start the manufacturing”
The road to success is full of challenges. Read the true success story of the winners or Meraki2017, who have also achieved a great feat of owning a startup.
Business Plan Competition

Team Renowatt Energy – Winners of Meraki 2017


It was around the time, I was working at an energy startup, manufacturing LED luminaries. After completing a few months, I learned about the ABC of LED lighting technologies, and eventually learned almost everything required to manufacture LED luminaries, and then an idea struck me about making use of old used lights and reduce the cost of expensive LED lights i.e. customized lights. I would confess that in the beginning, apart from a determination I lacked all the means to start the manufacturing, I didn’t know where to start from. One evening while I was leaving from work, my college friend Dushyant Warshe called me (who is now my co-founder too) and asked me to meet for tea. He was the first person I shared the idea with. As I was short on investment, Dushyant confirmed that he’ll bring the investment. And that’s how we started Renowatt with a vision of making power efficient and affordable lighting solutions.

The Challenges

Once, we were ready with our product we faced a challenge to find someone who would buy it, a customer. We started looking for someone to believe in our product, and we found a petrol pump looking to replace their roof lights with LEDs. We met the officials, pitched them and somehow we got the contract worth Rs. 5000 only. Here came the 3rd member of our team, Ashish Darekar (Who is also my best friend, and is now the head technician of our team, and a student). And likewise we started pitching people about our product and exploring new clients. Stating the obvious, as a startup we faced a lot of negative responses and also valuable appreciation and feedback from many. Now, almost after 1.5 years, we have a valued client base of more than 50 regular Clients, and we have delivered over 500 customized LED Lights with a turnover of 20,00,000 INR.

Clientele and marketing

Meanwhile, we focused more and more on serving the existing clients and provide a prompt post-sale service. It’s been 1.5 years and we’ve expanded our team to 7 people now with each one handling their individual departments from manufacturing to sales, marketing, and post-sale service.

Our branding mostly happens via our association with some big companies in our area (Nagpur District) like Public transport department, Mukund Group, Swetal Enterprises, and some big names in celebration lawns and halls etc. We also serve some govt. tenders as well.

The Path Ahead

Along with the range of customized lights, we are now also in automotive LED lighting and we are constantly researching towards more recycling technologies and further expansion. Also, we are looking to raise a fund of 50,00,000 INR from the market to expand our services and presence all over.

Summing up the journey, it’s all about believing in the idea and having a team sharing the likewise set of dreams and taking all of it forward.

Appreciation for Meraki 2017

We would also like to thank FIIB MERAKI team for appreciating people from small cities and giving us a stage to show what we’ve got. I hope u keep doing such great work and keep inspiring people like us.

Pawan Chapke Founder & CEO: taking care of vision & strategies of the business.

Dushyant Warshe, Founder & COO: taking care of operations & business development.

Ashish Darekar, Co-founder CTO: taking care of manufacturing and after-sale services along with Raj Shende.

Sandip Katole & Samir Ghatbandhe: marketing and sales team consisting

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