Step Ahead of Scrolling: 3 Ways to Create Better Career Opportunities Using Social Media

The whole world seems unfamiliar to us when we haven’t accessed our beloved social media accounts for a day. We are so consumed with scrolling down different social media platforms all day long that it now has become an integral part of our daily routine. If not wrong, we invest around 5-6 hours of the day in checking our news feed and replying back to the notifications, which means one-fourth of our daily time slot spend in doing nothing unique but seeing random memes and feeling absurd.

While the love of using different social media to feel connected with friends, family and other people is undeniable, the power it holds to boost your professional career is quite enthralling. It might sound strange to you but social media portals are not just a space to get entertained anymore. Instead, users can use them as a ladder to target their dream career and cultivate an appropriate professional network that helps them to figure out the right career options.

It’s better for you to act smartly and utilize social media to hone professional skills as every single platform has a way to aid your career as a student. Let’s get ahead of scrolling together and explore the hidden sides of social media!

  1. Build Your Own Professional Network

You spent a lot of time in building up your friend list on Facebook, follower fam on Instagram and Twitter. Now, think beyond it. Socialising is much more than adding mutual friends and share your thoughts. Having a set professional network on social media enhances your chance of meeting with like-minded individuals and garner you with great opportunities.

What role Social Media plays?

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing professional networks that work well for both freshers and experienced professionals. When you’re about to start with building your professional network, LinkedIn is the first choice to seek and get help from. You can add all your educational and other details effortlessly and get connected with peers, industry-specific leaders and experienced professionals. With the help of this particular portal, you can discover some great connections and find internships and first-job opportunities.

Facebook has groups to deal with the wider community of like-minded people where individuals can communicate, share leads, and raise the latest industry updates. Anyone can be a part of these groups and discover new ways to pave the path of career success.

Twitter is an American online news and social networking service that usually deals in the form of tweets offer lists to engage with relevant connections. Twitter Lists make it quite convenient for users to engage with the latest trends, updates and ideas in a particular field. By updating yourself with the latest market buzz, you can follow the leaders that you see as a role model and tweet them back whenever necessary. Getting in a loop of tweets is one best way to send a clear message that you’re active and like to appear.

2. Enhance your knowledge by honing new skills

You mistake your current knowledge with updated version until you indulge some new skills. So, it’s always better to stay open to learning some new skills as your knowledge speaks before you do. Ranging from soft skills to leadership qualities, technical tactics to creativity – students should always make use of social media platforms to fill their treasure trove of learning with new skills.

How social media can help?

YouTube is renowned as a video streaming platform that luckily also home to some of the biggest educational channels. Be it explainer guides or easy-to-grab tricks – YouTube is free to access and effective to learn from. You can subscribe to some good channels according to your interests and get notified whenever something new hits the homepage. Instead of rolling into some expensive day-long workshop or e-course, you can learn the latest updates of any field in the most convenient way at YouTube.   

LinkedIn always seems to be a perfect space when it comes to stalk professional leaders profile and upgrade yourself with the same. It is observed mostly that students are unable to track exactly what skills they need to highlight on top of their resume. Fortunately, LinkedIn comes to survival in such situations and give students the freedom of looking at industry leaders’ profiles and add relevant skills to their profile as well.

3. Showcase your talent & expertise

Where most the students struggle to find the right platform where they can showcase their talents, many ignore the presence of free platforms like Quora, Pinterest, Tumblr and WordPress. Even if you’re a bucket full of skills and tactics, they are of no use until you display them to the right people in the right manner.

Where to display your expertise?

There are plenty of free portals where aspiring students can demonstrate their abilities and connect with various kind of people. As it is true that there is a social network for every kind of skill/talent that you’ve, so why not use them and climb the ladder of success.

Pinterest and Instagram are two popular portals where students can post art designs, photography and other graphics related skills. Where Pinterest is all about boards & pins, Instagram on the other side offers great opportunities to bloggers as well.

If you’re an avid reader and find joy in putting down your own thoughts, then you must be a writer by passion. To step out of your passion zone and get into the professional boundaries, you can start posting your thoughts on Medium, WordPress, Wattpad or Tumblr.  Readers from all across the world can read your posts and likewise, you can be a part of the diverse community of writers and readers.

As you can grab the latest updates & hone new skills through YouTube. Similarly, you can use the same portal to create a buzz among people and put yourself on the centre-stage. Be it dance, singing, comedy or vlogging – YouTube is one good space where you can showcase your talent without spending a single penny.

Above three options are all about the talent you have. You must be wondering what about the expertise? Well, Quora is an exquisite question-answer platform where anyone can start sharing their thoughts and experiences. By selecting the topics you’re most experienced in, you can start posting answers along with giving the relevant credentials.

The Final Verdict

We hope you’re now well-aware of the potential social media has and use each portal efficiently to kick-start your career with more golden opportunities. With all the enormous possibilities to explore, students will surely now see social media as an effective career-boosting platform.