Stepping into the World of Analytics Through My Corporate Internship

Divya Krishnan, 2020 student, MBA-Operations & Analytics, FIIB

“Divya reported directly to me and was trustworthy enough to place her on-site at my client (Sterlite Power) for an active assignment where she got excellent feedback from my client too. She learns like a sponge, achieved stretch targets, and helped us create an incredible wireframe for upcoming software we are building.”
Mr. Havish Madhvapaty, Founder, Havish M Consultancy

In June 2018, Divya Krishnan enrolled at FIIB to pursue an MBA specializing in Operations & Analytics. In her words, her most awaited phase of the two-years-long MBA program was “the three months of experiencing the corporate culture, to catch a glimpse of my aspirational role and understand how the industry operates in the real world”.

The Internship Search 

My internship search was mostly about targeting those opportunities that would serve my purpose well – a position in an analytics firm with exposure to how the field was changing and what I would be expected to do in such a workplace. A lot of companies came, students appeared for interviews, selections happened, and I had still not even applied to any company. And then came a notification from CMC cell about a company from my choice set- Decode Research and Analytics, and I was determined to grab this opportunity but I wasn’t able to close it. 

At the time, I was questioning myself whether the decision I took to wait further would get me into a firm that deals primarily in analytics or not.  But my perseverance paid off and three months later I was interning at a two-month-old start-up Havish M Consulting which worked on exactly what I was seeking to explore and learn. Although the company wasn’t so well established in the market, for me it was definitely my gateway to the analytics world. The company works across three wings – Analytics, Business Intelligence and Automation Solutions and had a very strong client base with three of the Big Fours, Cvent and Sterlite Power to name a few.

The Icing on the Cake

During my internship work at the company, I came to know that the founder of Havish M Consulting, Mr. Havish Madhvapaty is also holding the position of Director at Decode Research and Analytics. At this particular instant, I felt like life had taken a full circle for me.  The days of self-doubt were behind me now!

The Internship Experience

Interning at a start-up has its own benefits – for me, the absence of complex organizational structures was the real shot that allowed me to learn steadily. Originally, my job was to assist the company in the end-to-end implementation of automation projects for the clients, but like any role at growing startups, it quickly expanded to working directly on projects that were of high importance. 

One of the primary projects that significantly contributed to my practical knowledge was the creation of an automated Talent Tracker which involved starting from the very basics, i.e need assessment, but then going right up to the roll-out phase. This Talent Tracker would enable companies to remove redundancies and further democratize decision making through interactive dashboards created on Microsoft Power BI.

My Internship Takeaway

Interning at a young organization helped me dive into an array of experiential learning opportunities that have undoubtedly shaped my abilities and enhanced my response to detailed observations. Talking about the highlight of my three-months Internship journey, I got a chance to work on a one-month-long project with one of the company’s key clients- Sterlite Power. I worked there as a Project Intern in the Business Acquisition Team which was responsible to create trackers for various regions of the Green Energy Corridor (GEC) and Rajasthan SEZs, conduct in-field surveys and finally come up with a budget that enables the company to win the bid and acquire the business. 
Just as the saying goes – a journey without challenges has no meaning, I encountered several challenges in my corporate internship journey. There were days when the workload was immense and the deadlines were squeezing tight, yet I had to ensure that I stuck to the commitments and delivered fruitful results within the stipulated time.