Stuck at home amid the Corona Crisis, this is how FIIBians are Keeping Up Their Mood!

With Coronavirus continuing to spread, educational spaces throughout the world have now accepted the shutdown, impacting around 80% of the students globally. In a crisis situation like this, it is quite natural for the students to feel deprived and worried about what the future holds!

Thankfully, students at FIIB are continuously practising some of the mind-relaxing activities, following their workout routine, and attending counselling webinars as suggested by FIIB’s Student Well-being Cell. Some students accepted that adding these small chunks of activities in their daily routine helps them to establish good habits, break bad ones and allow them to stay positive in these times of uncertainty. 

We’ve asked our students to share how they’re fighting against the “lazy mood” and “all-anxiety” concerns, and ensuring that they stay ahead of the learning curve while staying at home. Let’s see what their responses are…

Bhavya Kalra, 2019-21 MBA – HR 

I think it is an opportunity in disguise for us even though it has come up in the form of a crisis. Being a PGDM student, I have got to pull up my socks in order to stay competitive in the post COVID scenario. I am trying to upskill myself these days and networking with people without worrying about the assignment timelines that as students we often have to adhere to. In that sense, it is a favourable time for us to act and be ahead on the learning curve.

Chahat Arora, 2019-21 MBA – Finance

So, to deal with anxiety, I am doing meditation and spending a lot of time with my family. And as for looking ahead  and thinking about the future, I think this is the best time to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses and work effectively to improve myself. I have also enrolled in some online courses as suggested by my faculty mentor to polish my intellectual skills. Frankly, I’m also catching up on and watching a lot of pending Netflix series, Ramayana and Mahabharata and learning to cook new dishes to pass time and be happy. But, one thing that I’m liking about my situation in this lockdown phase is that I’m getting more time to self-reflect and be at peace with myself.

Ayush Diwedi, 2019-21 MBA –  Marketing

“Undoubtedly, this crisis has given us students some relaxation from the strict assignment deadlines that we otherwise need to follow. However, it is still hard to come to terms with the fact that neither this time will come back, nor the opportunities of self-improvement. However, I believe in balancing out things – I spend the day time to collect the moments I was missing while attending college and invest the nights to strengthen my grip on concepts that I wanted to learn since the beginning. In either way, I’m focusing on my health, happiness and future success. Whenever I feel a little drained out, I simply start playing games or talk with my parents.”

Akash Mathews, 2019-21 MBA –  Marketing

Usually, I am the kind of person who gets entertained very easily. I don’t really need a lot of material things to keep myself lively and happy. Yet, no one had expected that this lockdown would get stretched this long and therefore sitting at home does get depressing sometimes. To keep myself away from getting too stressed, I often listen to music, read books, cook with my mom. This however does not mean that I am not giving any thoughts to some of the must-have knowledge and skills that I should have as an MBA graduate.

If you also have your quarantine-motivation story to share with the world, write to me at (ayushi.jain@fiib.edu.in).