Student Club and Activities

You can’t teach leadership through books alone, hands on practice and suitable opportunities are crucial to build such skills. And what could be a better platform than a student club where there fun, learning, and growth are open to all enthusiastic participants.

The FIIB Clubs and Committees

At FIIB there are a number of Student’s Action Clubs to cover various professional and administrative activities of the college. These Committees, each headed by a faculty member/officer of the college, provide an excellent forum to strengthen managerial capabilities through practical application of life size projects outside the classroom. With a view to promote an MBA driven culture at the college, it is recommended that grads pursuing MBA participate in these committees to assume greater responsibility, assume leadership roles and promote constructive activities within the college community. These clubs are mosaic of culture and activity and hold much more than just activities.

Student  clubs

Club Initiative and events

Recently the Marketing Club- Brand Rovers organized a Marketing Conclave followed by a Marketing Fair which had panel members from various corporate and social media leaders, discussing the changing trends of Marketing in the Digital age.  Last month the HR- Cynergy Club held an HR Interact Meet with equally distinguished participants and contributors. As a part of the HR Interact Meet, the club also organized ‘Theme Based Poster Making Competition’ for the PGDM/MBA students to showcase their creativity on the canvas. Taking responsibility for social welfare around us the members of Jaagriti club organized a fundraiser campaign to support cleft surgeries of the underprivileged in Collaboration with Smiletrain, a world renowned organization which is committed to the cause. Similarly, the Sports and Cultural Committees takes care of events such as the Sports Meet and various cultural programs in and outside the college.


Hands on Learning

Unlike the learning in the classroom these club activities bring forth better opportunities for the students to learn self-reliance, better planning, and decision making. When students organize event they learn to work in teams and individually, they learn the importance meeting work deadline and task allocation in a team and adhering to it. These activities also teach planning, execution and everything in between to the way of a successful event. A student recently shared that he was never good at managing money of finances, however, during the Marketing Fair he learnt to stick to a pre-defined budget and avoided splurging which lead to profit making for the team.