Student Clubs & Extracurricular Activities – Stepping stone towards a bright career

As the popular saying goes, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” But students should prefer the more inspirational line in the course of their career: “Follow your bliss to make opportunity knock the door.

The experts also believe that students who consider extracurricular activities as a part of their learning are generally much more productive and successful than their regular counterparts. But being extra is more than just attending seminars and getting yourself enrolled in a club. It is much about adopting the mentality that extra special students have over average students – demonstrate leadership potential, being multi-directional and paying close attention to the dimensions outside of their college curriculum.

There’s no doubt that students often feel a little aimless while trying to choose the best alternatives for a bright future. On the other hand, recruiters and admission officers repeatedly has to make right interview choices from a pool of qualified applicants. No matter at what stage of career you are standing, considering student clubs and extracurricular activities will going to help you (always).

At FIIB, students don’t need to care about those “extras” much as the faculty is versed enough to take care of it. They understand that practical learning, team bonding and being a regular competitor are not just classified terms. Instead, these are some vital skills that differentiate future leaders from 9-5 working employees; high- achievers from average students. With this mindset, FIIB offers 9 different clubs that actively conducts seminars, extracurricular activities and conclaves to broaden the horizons of learning for students. To make sure that every student gets maximum opportunities during their course at FIIB, and even after the completion, these student clubs act as a sustainable platform to complement their skills.

Why it is essential for you to be a part of MBA Clubs?

Basically, MBA clubs are an ingenious way for students to polish their skills, cultivate new opportunities and enhance networking without hampering the routine lectures. Students who want to ramp up their extracurriculars can get a sense of start with such clubs. The best part of joining MBA clubs is that you’re free to pursue your interests, relate gained skills to your career goals, and unleash fast-track professional growth at times. Including a tag of high-achiever, your extracurriculars also help recruiters to differentiate your resume from the mile-high piles of applications.

What to consider when choosing the right Student Clubs

Being a student, you need to understand how important it is for you to choose the right club: one that fits well with your interest, lifestyle and career goals. Here are some of the things that students need to keep in mind while choosing a club:

  • Focus on career-related options

You need to track where your mind and heart want to be before actually seeking a club. Be a part of the club that invests in your skills, make you less frustrated, and most importantly, delivers key insights of the industry you wish to work in the future.

  • Seize the opportunities

You should explore every industry even if you’ve experienced in a particular sector. For example: Assume a student had his past job in the finance sector. But during his MBA he is getting an opportunity to learn entrepreneurial tactics, then he should seize the chance without entertaining the second thoughts.

  • Think differently

While it is crucial for students to think of career goals and future success, considering mindfulness and self-satisfaction is also equally essential for them to pave bright as well as a healthy career path.

Do you want to be a high-achiever?

Now, that everything has shared with you, it is up to you whether you desire to be a high-achiever in your career or, happy to be an average student. Whatever your take on this, you must understand that student clubs and extracurricular activities help you to be the better version of yourself. They not only help you to excel in your academics but also make your individuality strong enough to reckon fulfilment in other walks of life.