Student’s Experience: International Management Conference

When I joined FIIB a few months ago, during the orientation and interaction sessions, we were told about how students here really take charge of various clubs, committees, and events at FIIB. Little did I know that I’d be given opportunities to shoulder such responsibilities right from the beginning. Last week FIIB held an International Management Conference at the campus on the 20th and 21st of December, and I was given responsibilities such as editing the research papers of scholars from all over the world and I even got my name as the Assistant Editor in the book ‘Advances In Management’. I also served as the coordinator for the registration committee, where I got the opportunity to meet international participants and delegates. For example, a team of 40 students visited our campus from Uniglobe College, Nepal, and I interacted with all of them and exchanged dialogues and had small discussions with them about their culture and education system.


The IMC Conference itself was a great learning experience for me. I worked for the conference for about 2 months, and it provided me a platform to learn a lot of things from the speakers from various parts of world. Despite being very informative, regular classes do become boring and dull at times, however, learning in a live environment like attending a conference really instills interests and enthusiasm to take our studies seriously. When I heard all the speakers and attended a few technical sessions during the 2 day International Management Conference, I felt the need of polishing my knowledge and skills to soon be able to represent my college at various such events and conferences. I would recommend other students to actively participate in events such as the Management Conference and others as it not only helps in enhancing our knowledge but gives and the immense boost to our self-confidence and helps us do a reality check about whether we are prepared for the world or not.


Hard work pays and it pays well, I was also recognized as one of the best 5 volunteers by the college and received a token of appreciation. They say “start small but start now!” so I began my journey with FIIB’s PGDM program a few months ago and I’m already very excited for the next year and all that learning that is going to come my way, or I will make a way to it.