Students learn about Team Work and Public Speaking

On 12th June, students of Batch 2014-2016 attended important sessions on topics of Public Speaking and Working Together.  In the first session, Prof. Vidya Iyer (HR) encouraged students to dig into their creative sides by bringing out the imaginative potential from within. Random shapes of circles, squares and polygons were distributed to participants, and they developed stories around these shapes. Their creative stories covered a wide range of topics from sports to movies, and from spiritualism to patriotism. These stories were reviewed and feedback in the form of critical evaluation and suggestions for improvement were provided by both the professor and students. In the later part of the session, Prof. Vidya emphasized on the importance of team-work and explained how working together helps in achieving exceptional results. Team-work helps individuals to go beyond their limitations and brings profitable outcome to an organization as a whole. She further discussed the problems a student may face in the act of coming together and also the skills imperative for building a better coordination among team-members.

Following lunch was an interactive session for effective public speaking, named “Speaking Up Without Freaking Out” during which, Ms. Akshita Agrawal, Corporate Communications Head and Ms. Deepika Tuli- Trainer, shared some valuable tips for utilizing a person’s skills according to his strength to captivate an audience in the truest sense. Students were allotted guiding tests & exercises to sharpen their skills. The session also discussed the correlation between prepared and impromptu speech and it was followed by practical exercises of speaking on random topics and suggestions to improve them. Ms. A “Story building game” was conducted where each participant had to add one line each to the preceding contributor’s sentence and a meaningful story had to be spun out in a limited period of time. This exercise rejuvenated students with enthusiasm and they showcased their creativity and teamwork in a remarkable feat.

Here is what a few students had to say about their experience of Day 4:

Kaushik: “These types of practices really help students like us to build confidence and implement our ideas into reality. This was a wonderful session filled with great learning tips.”

Pratik Seth: “Today’s session on Public Speaking will help in a lot of ways, particularly me to drive off the fear of facing the public. The Faculty gave us many useful tips and encouraged us to speak with confidence in public. I already feel that my stage fright has diminished.”

Both sessions were great learning opportunities for students and they look forward to be part of more sessions like these.