Students learn about Working Together and the Best Practices During PGDM

Students of batch 2014-2016 attended a number of learning sessions on 10th June 2014, the 2nd day of Pre-term. In the morning hours, students attended two important sessions called “Working Together” and “Core Values of FIIB” conducted by noted professors from the Institute.

In the first session, Prof Vidya Iyer (HR) discussed the significance of team work and also the importance of working together. She explained how it is an essential element of management and students need to have clear objectives, agreed goals and must play balanced roles under appropriate leadership. Students learnt about the ethics of building bonds, sense of timing, and behavioral values of working together and similar requisites to enhance productivity.

Shreya Arora, a first year student shares her experience about the session as follows: “Vidya Mam’s session gave us an extensive glimpse of do’s and don’ts in PGDM. It was a great learning experience that taught us about working efficiently in teams.”

Following this, Prof Deepankar Chakrabarti (ISM) conducted a session called “Core values of FIIB” that was aimed at making students familiar with the inherent core values and the guiding principles that serve as sources of strength and the basic foundation of the Institution. He explained the five core values, viz. Excellence, Integrity, Trust, Respect & Ownership, one by one with suitable examples and engaged students in a number of activities to make them understand how these values are integral to the life at FIIB.

Prateek Upadhyay, expressed his enthusiasm after attending the session: “The session with Prof Deepankar was a great way to learn and incorporate the core values into our lives. We are looking forward to more powerful sessions like this”.

Another student, Prateek Oberoi said: “Lessons taught in this session will act as building blocks of mytwo years of management studies. I am thankful to the Institution”.

Post lunch, a short training session was conducted by members from Global Human Resource Development Centre (GHRDC), that primarily dealt with the topic “Setting into the MBA- Anxieties and Goal Setting”. The session started with an introduction activity where students were divided into a number of teams and each team member had to give a brief self-introduction and tell about a particular hobby. After the introduction, each team was asked a question and within a period of 30 seconds, the team members had to think of one single answer in unison. This fun-filled exercise helped students to understand the value of working as a Team and also work under tight deadlines.

This was followed by a motivational video and presentation, which focused on the importance of goal-setting, perseverance and determination. Essential key ingredients like focus, dedication, hard work and challenges of handling hurdles during the journey were discussed with day to day life examples.

Another section of the presentation dealt with the significance of “Hopes and Fears”. Techniques and best practices suitable for enhancing productivity were discussed. This was integrated with activities like roleplays and dumb charades to mete out effective messages to the participants.

The day proved to be one of learning and information.