Success Stories – Saloni Joshi (Batch 2015-2017)


I owe my placement with Mcube Financial LLC to my sincere efforts towards my course and subjects taught to me by my mentors and FIIB faculty. It definitely feels great to be selected in MCUBE Financials LLC, though it was not really my dream company, however, the profile offered to me was the one I was looking for as a finance major student. Everyone asks me about my success mantra and strategy to crack the interview, but I just believed in making absolutely sincere efforts and gathering the right guidance and apply it at the right place.

My journey with FIIB has been one of the most memorable and fruitful journey till date. The way assignments are designed, course is divided into tri-semester system at FIIB, it actually helped me cope up with deadlines eventually training us in preparing for an upcoming life of working with a corporate. FIIB taught me how to link small pieces of information and make a big picture out of it. Knowledge specific to domain and other basics helped me sail through personal interviews and group discussions.

 Having been placed now I believe my personal attributes towards this achievement would be my dedication, expression, power to brainstorm and communication skills that helped me excel. And all these were taught to me by Dr. Asheesh Pandey and Dr. Abhijit Roy. I was tested on during all my rounds be it cash-flows or DSCR. We made a lot of memories at the campus, however, some moments are engraved in my heart like presenting my idea in the Marketing Conclave during my first year at the college. It actually boosts your confidence as an individual. Rest all memories are connected to my section they all collectively are the reason for my growth as an individual in the last two years.