Success Story – Ankit Patwal (Batch 2013 -15)

Candid Interview Session with Ankit Patwal (Placed as Executive Trainee at Keuhne and Nagel)

Honesty is the best policy. Take challenges with the honest intention to learn and grow.

Q1. How does it feel getting placed at Keuhne and Nagel?

A -> Keuhne and Nagel is a multinational logistics company with diverse functions. I always wanted to enter the Logistics world with a good profile and in a company having strong brand value. My dream has come true with final placement at Keuhne and Nagel. The company will provide me with ample scope to work in multiple functions in the first year. This will enable me to know my strength areas and pursue career in that direction. I’m extremely satisfied with this learning and growth opportunity and look forward to take up challenges. The interview rounds were very challenging and the recruiters looked for candidates with practical solutions to questions imposed. My groundwork for honest and factual answers served the purpose and I finally got selected by the company.


Q2. Your Success Mantra

A -> “Honesty is the best policy. Keep your goals clear and take up challenges with honest intention to learn and grow.”


Q3. You are on the verge of stepping into the Corporate World. How did the 2 year journey at FIIB help you succeed in the interview and prepare you for the Corporate World?

A -> The 2 years of FIIB will always uphold a crucial role in shaping my career. I’ve been keen on entering the corporate world. But, I was doubtful, in the initial stage, of my skill sets to grow up the ladder. The 2 years of FIIB guided me well and has shown the path to analyse, build and enhance the qualities required to excel in the corporate world. The college has embedded in me the habit of reading newspapers, journals, books, etc. It provided groundwork for building ideas and thoughts. I always had the inclination to delve deep in international business subjects and FIIB helped me in this area. We had access to some of the best faculty. The competitive environment acted as a thrust to stay ahead in the competition. I spent an hour every day to search and read International Business news. This aided in building a strong knowledge base. The faculty provided unfathomable support in various projects and tasks. Prof. Deepankar Chakrabarti and Prof. Sharad Chaturvedi were always approachable and mentored me well. Faculty’s constant encouragement automatically infused confidence in me to take up any challenge. Industry Visits, Conclaves, Club Activities were also the learning media. I took part in the Operations Conclave that gave profound knowledge about the domain and industry practices. The 2 years journey at FIIB were filled with plethora of activities and opportunities to build ourselves professionally and it cannot be replicated anywhere.


Q4. Your personal and professional attributes that helped you excel?

A -> The best thing that I’ve learnt in 2 years of FIIB is careful analysis of self. To know our own weak areas is highly beneficial because they can be worked upon for betterment. With this attribute, I’ve learnt to become more patient and understanding with people and situations. Also, giving home tuitions to school children for 4-5 hours every day benefitted me. I believe in qualitative work and have the skill to motivate people to put forth their best in the tasks allotted. Hence, striving for excellence with the intention of producing original work in every activity raised the competition level amongst the fellow mates. Gradually, I became very focused and imbibed time management skills. All these traits helped me outshine at the final goalpost.


Q5.     Is there any moment at FIIB that has been etched in your memory forever?

A -> The 2 years of FIIB is filled with several cherish able memories. The best one is ought to be the final placement in the logistics industry (since my wish had been so since the beginning of PGDM.)