Success Story – Ashish Sharma (Batch 2013 -15)

Candid Interview with Ashish Sharma (Placed as Executive – Associate Analyst at Onicra)

“Be Sincere in everyday routine work and it will gradually lead to success”

Q1. How does it feel getting placed at Onicra?

A -> I’m in an upbeat mood since I’ve got placed in Onicra. It is one of the leading credit and performance rating companies in India. I always had the desire to work with a credit rating agency since the inception of PGDM. My goals were clear. I kept working towards it sincerely and regularly. When Onicra visited the campus for final placements, I was happy to apply and appear for its interview. Now, I’m ready and enthusiastic to embark the new professional world voyage.


Q2. Your Success Mantra

A -> Be sincere in everyday routine work and it will gradually lead to success. Being sincere delivers positive results since the intention behind every task involves truthfulness and dedication for qualitative work. Also, working on a project with dedication till its completion expresses sincerity.


Q3. You are on the verge of stepping into the Corporate World. How did the 2 year journey at FIIB help you succeed in the interview and prepare you for the Corporate World?

A -> The 2 year journey at FIIB had only one aim – “Focus on basics.” The journey was undoubtedly an excellent one with abundant opportunities to groom for the professional world. Faculty provided a strong support at every step and interpersonal skills enhanced far and wide. As it is said, experience is the best teacher; the Dubai Trip was a marvel experience. I was the head of the group. Everyday activities had to be planned, organized and executed perfectly. This opened up several avenues for learning and building interpersonal skills. Also, everyone on the trip witnessed a new ethos and way of working. Industry visit, conclave and club activities played a strong role in preparing for the interview and the corporate world. The interview preparatory sessions geared up for Group Discussions and Personal Interview rounds. Alumni Connect was integral to the interview preparation sessions. I received a basic understanding about the company, Onicra, and its business process from one of our Alumni. All these parameters helped me in nailing the important factors/points in the interview. Overall, the 2 year journey was an excellent one.


Q4. Your personal and professional attributes that helped you excel?

A -> Everyone has some flaws and areas of improvement. Self-awareness is one of the greatest attributes I possess. With it I could identify the areas for self-improvement. Initially I had low knowledge in Advanced Excel and some of the Finance areas required polishing. I made gradual progress and worked with sincerity in making my Finance fundamentals absolutely strong. This eased up the interview process for Onicra and I faced no major hurdle. Other personal traits that helped me excel are integrity, leadership, conflict management and team building skills.


Q5. Is there any moment at FIIB that has been etched in your memory forever?

A -> The Christmas Party celebrated in 2013 will be cherished forever. It was filled with fun and frolic and energized the campus environment.