Success Story – Mitika Nangia (Batch 2013 – 15)

Candid Interview with Mitika Nangia ( Placed as Research Associate at Stellar Search)

“Never Give Up. Failure is the stepping stone to success.”

Q1. How does it feel getting placed at Stellar Search?

A -> Stellar Search came to the campus quite early offering the job role of Research Associate. It is a leadership advisory firm specializing in senior talent acquisition in emerging markets across the globe. It was the 1st company that I applied for considering the challenging work it will provide since it caters to firms having international boundaries. I believe that the company will provide tremendous learning opportunities owing to its work structure. I’m happy that I’ve finally got placed at Stellar Search and I further seek to develop new skills for a strong grip in my career. However, at the same time, I’m unhappy that the 2 years of college life has finally come to an end quite early. I will continue missing FIIB’s culture, its values and simply the people around.


Q2. Your Success Mantra

A -> “Never Give Up. Failure is the stepping stone to success. Work strongly on your failures and weaker areas and you will gradually emerge as an overall winner.”


Q3. You are on the verge of stepping into the Corporate World. How did the 2 year journey at FIIB help you succeed in the interview and prepare you for the Corporate World?

A -> It feels nostalgic to look back in the past and recognize every mile of the 2 year journey. Throughout the 2 years, I have learnt and developed a lot of skills which has contributed to my holistic development. The journey involved many aspects. To start with, FIIB has one of the best Faculties. The curriculum is nearly perfect with good blend of practical and theoretical learning. Faculty built a sound knowledge base for us via case studies, projects, presentations and classroom discussions. The teaching methodology was of par excellence and we gained excessive insights about industry practices from Indian Business perspective. I learnt to take big challenges, collaborate with other team members and turn them as opportunities. I also learnt to have foresight and prepare for tomorrow. The 2 years have been a complete evolution phase for me. Every activity, every step and every task aimed to prepare me deeply for the corporate world. I express my sincere gratitude to the opportunities FIIB provided for my holistic development.


Q4. Your personal and professional attributes that helped you excel?

A -> Taking every challenge as an opportunity is my method of working. Although, I had stellar performance with CGPA of 8.0, my intention had always been to work at par in academics and extracurricular activities for holistic development of my skills. Diligence is the keyword to success. I’ve earned scholarship of INR 50K for my efforts in academics. The behavioral traits such as Leadership skills were well portrayed during club activities. I was the co-head of HR club and initiated several ideas for regular upliftment and skill development of fellow members. Initially the confidence level was low. But, with numerous activities in the college, my confidence level received a boost. The inhibition to express ideas vanished. Planning and organizing skills reached a new high during cultural fest and
Sustainability Summit. The holistic development of my personality helped me excel at the end.


Q5. Is there any moment at FIIB that has been etched in your memory forever?

A ->Receiving scholarship amount of INR 50K for the dedicated efforts and stellar result in academics will be etched in memory forever.