Success Story- Shweta Singh (Batch 2016-2018)

Shweta had always been a marketing wizard and it seems like her passion has received recognition. She recently got placed with Way2Online as an Assistant Manager- definitely a marketing dream job. We are as excited and happy as Shweta, while we talk to her about this success.
Way2Online Success Story

She tells us that it was her lifelong dream to do something great in marketing as it is not just learned from subject books and exams, rather, the real essence of marketing lies beyond the classroom. Her favorite thing about this is the opportunity to explore and express her creative side. She has been focused to understand the nitty-gritty of marketing and tries to implement what she learns in personal as well as professional situations. Consequently, her forever-goal was to rise up to be a  manager in a reputed organization. Well, who says dreams don’t come true?

“I cannot express how thrilled I am that soon I will be implementing my knowledge and skills in a real-world organization, where my every action will have a reaction in some form,” shares Shweta.  

She believes that the skills that helped her pursue this career goal are good communication skills, deep knowledge about marketing, presence of mind and intellect. That’s a brilliant cheat code for any student seeking marketing as his/her career. To enhance and enrich her existing skills and knowledge, she gives the credit to CMC at FIIB. “The amount of hard work that CMC puts to bring so many prestigious organizations on our campus is unmatched and commendable. This has also inspired us as students, to work hard and work diligently,” adds Shweta. She also believes that the curriculum, the beyond classroom activities (marketing conclave, industry visits etc.) and the course on digital marketing that she had access to at FIIB were extremely helpful. On a broader level, she feels that FIIB has inculcated the values of generosity, patience and letting go.

Pro Tip

Without failing, you cannot learn and without the learning experience, you cannot succeed.

Well, this applies to most of us. Thanks, Shweta, for sharing the mantra that keeps you going.