Success Story – Vaishali Dhawan (Batch 2013-15)

Candid Interview with Vaishali Dhawan (Placed at Zomato Media Pvt. Ltd.)

“Believe in yourself, have determination and passion to work continuously towards your goals.”

Q1.How does it feel getting placed at Zomato Media Pvt. Ltd.?

A -> Zomato is my dream company. I’m thrilled to have been placed here. My dreams have come true. I’ve been following Zomato since my Engineering days and have always been fascinated about their work and association with the restaurant industry.  Being a complete foodie and always approachable to the fellow mates for suggesting a good eatery, I’ve been nicknamed as ‘Zomato’. Interview rounds were tough especially the two rounds of presenting with sales pitch. However, working on the inputs provided by the recruiters helped me perform well. I was also appreciated by the Zomato people. Believing in the statement ‘nothing is impossible’, I had put in my best efforts during the interview rounds to convince that I’m the best fit for Zomato and the company has been in my wish list for quite some time. Strong faith of the Faculty andCRC team in me along with my determination and passion for Zomato helped me clear the interview rounds smoothly. At the end, I came out with flying colours.


Q2. Your Success Mantra

A -> “Follow your Dreams incessantly and they follow you back.”


Q3.     You are on the verge of stepping into the Corporate World. How did the 2 year journey at FIIB help you succeed in the interview and prepare you for the Corporate World?

A -> The 2 year journey at FIIB was filled with numerous opportunities that gave a sense of belonging to a competitive Corporate World. Everyday activities were rigorous only for carving a smooth career ahead. Apart from classroom learning, we were given ample scope by FIIB to showcase our talents/skills via various projects and group activities. Besides, we were regularly given feedback on our areas of improvement. I worked laboriously on my weaker areas and improved myself. Faculty is the backbone of the college. The mentoring sessions by the Faculty served as a true catalyst in performing well in academics and practical rounds. Initially I faced challenges in Finance subjects since I’m from engineering background. With the extra efforts put in by the Faculty and my urge to improve in the area helped me score well overall. Marketing is my area of interest and hence, I worked towards it with great intent of building a strong foundation in the domain.

The Industry Visits, Conclaves and other Industry Sessions were of great help. Especially, the 2 month preparatory session for Zomato was exceptionally helpful and completely focused on the interview pattern of Zomato. Numerous aptitude test papers were given to us for gearing up for different analytical rounds of Zomato interview. Besides, there were mock interview sessions monitored by external panellists and FIIB alumni who helped us prepare really well for the interview. I’m happy to be a part of FIIB since it helped me undergo several challenges that transformed me entirely and implement the concepts learnt in the corporate world.


Q4. Your personal and professional attributes that helped you excel?

A -> Success doesn’t come easy. I believe in having a strong determination and passion towards my goals. Besides, one needs to work in the right direction persistently to reach his/her goals. Taking leadership in cultural activities of the college (I’m the Cultural Head of 2014 Batch) led me walk newer avenues. This undoubtedly made my interpersonal skills more polished and added a new dimension to my career path.


Q5. Is there any moment at FIIB that has been etched in your memory forever?

A -> Two years at FIIB is filled with memories. If I’ve to put one, it is surely the announcement of my selection for final placements at my dream company, ‘Zomato.’