Surging Conviction, Soaring Confidence: HR taking a New Meaning

As a student, I would make sure that every single letter (Let alone word!) that the Professor uttered was scribed on the paper, if he emphasized it was highlighted in two different colors, if he repeated it was underlined in dark black ink, if he corrected it was erased to the last bit. Yesterday sitting through the day long Conclave I suddenly had a realization, the essence was more important than the verbatim account…the whole was much more than the sum of its parts.  I was missing the woods for the trees. Probably all along I missed the essence and went ahead with the motions of being a student; so, for once I kept my focus on interpretation and not translation (All Thanks to the students who kept word to word account of what was being said for that was something I needed for future reference). This is what I gathered in the process:

Dave Ulrich, once said that learnability of an organization can be depicted as g² meaning the capacity of the organization to generate ideas multiplied by its ability generalize these ideas across the organization. The definition of learning organization goes a step ahead and translates these ideas into actions and behaviors. If you see organizations across board you realize different organizations have mastered different aspects; few all but some many. The industry experts who gathered for the conclave were constantly grappling with generation of ideas and tapping those ideas to strengthen the business in the context of their respective organizations. As the stalwarts from the industry came to the dais and started the deliberation; one could see the patterns emerging and paradigms evolving. There were a number of ideas that were put forth: Innovation today is for survival and HR being the backbone deserves the utmost attention; Paradigm shifts calling for a relook at the existing practices and policies, An HR which is proactive, which sees decisions through the business lenses, leverages technology to enhance efficiency and effectiveness will ride the tide and conquer the context etc. However, more important than these key ideas were the inferences one could draw sitting through the conclave. Some of the striking ones are shared below:

 Earnestness and Enthusiasm that each speech reflected when it came to building a case for HR as the a constant Business partner, who’s cooperation and consent are strategic imperatives, was not missed by anyone in the auditorium. The confident stance that emerged from the aforementioned belief was palpable across the hall. I could feel a bit of assurance surging in me for I could relax and spend less energies in convincing the students of the rationale behind the study of Human Resource Management.

Another theme that stood out as I explored the deliberations further was that HRM was not being discussed as “HR’s Job” but more in terms of every manager’s onus. Most speakers deliberated with the assumption that every manager practices HRM and HRM is not siloed as HR department’s job.

I believe all HR professionals owe a great deal to the speakers yesterday not just for the engaging talks that they delivered but for the confidence they exuded and the myths they rubbished in the process of addressing young managers with impressionable minds and moldable personalities.

 HR has come a long way…and given the belief and competence of the HR professionals, harnessing human potential is all that the organizations will obsess with in the near future, rest would fall in place!

In the process it affirmed my realization: it is a skill taking in the minute, yet never losing sight of the Whole…the sum…the emergent.