Sustainability during Festivals

Holi is just around the corner, the festival of colors, and unity with a lot of fun and of course food. Like many other Indian festivals this one too sees a nationwide celebration, themed events and a lot of bad and not-so-environmental-friendly practices and social rituals, including the use of chemicals, sprays and artificial colors, along with massive waste of clean water and pollution of local water bodies and resources. In fact such practices end up affecting the people themselves and many suffer from allergies and rashes due to the use of chemicals and artificial substances.

What to avoid? And what better ways can we adopt?

Here are a few steps one can take to celebrate a more sustainable and environment-friendly festival:

–       Avoid chemical based color and sprays, and buy only the organically made colors. Better yet, you can even try your hand at making colors at home with locally produced flowers and leaves. Multiple sites are available online giving tutorials on preparing organic colors at home which are far skin friendly than their chemical alternatives. In fact the youth can even do some profit making by coming up with sustainable business ideas of producing and selling organic and homemade colors.

–       Avoid playing Holi with water as it directly hits the availability of water for the next few days, moreover when used for balloons and plastic water packs not only does it cause injury to people and children, the use of polythene further becomes a threat for the environment. And if you must play with water then make sure you keep the use to the minimal level and encourage others to do the same.

–       Look for variations and alternatives, for example you can also play Holi with flowers and leaves as they produce not only colors but fragrance too, and are completely organic and environment friendly too.

–       Be considerate towards the animals too, avoid putting color or smearing your pets with chemical based Holi colors as it creates many hazardous effect for them too and they suffer in silence.

Festivity forever

 Celebrating large scaled festivals is quite a part of the fabric of India and Indians, however being a responsible citizen includes adopting sustainable measure to live and celebrate. A few changes here and there can bring about a big and significant change in the way most of our festivals end up with.