“We can’t live wastefully much longer, think sustainable to make our future stronger”

Sustainability involves making decisions and taking actions that are in the interest of protecting the nature and world, with particular emphasis on preserving the capability of the environment to support human life for present as well as for future generation.  Reason for environmental degradation is global warming which is increasing day by day and creating an environmental misbalance. Our planet’s fragile ecosystem is affected by industrialization and growing transportation infrastructure. All we need to do is protect our environment for future generation.

Industries are affecting the environment by cutting down trees, polluting and overfishing in rivers and lakes. They are polluting the environment by burning fossil fuels and using unsustainable practices for farming. Industries are doing all these activities to increase their profit, not only the industries have responsibility for environment we individuals also have duty to take care of it. We do not care about our environment and our surroundings. We just use resources to fulfill our own needs and desires without thinking about our future generations. We are increasing our use of water, air conditioners, vehicles etc. We have to use our resources properly so as save it for our future.

We need to take initiative first before instructing others. We should stop using plastic bags and bottle; we need to consume less fuel and water, we need to increase plantation, reuse papers by recycling it and lastly we need to consume less energy by turning off TV’s and lights whenever it is not in use.

Environmental sustainability forces businesses to look beyond making short term gains and look at the long term impact they are having on the natural world. Resources are scarce and everybody should use it in a proper way. Mismanagement and overuse of resources and abundant forests has resulted in deforestation, contamination, and soil depletion. This has serious repercussions for the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people.  Everybody needs to consider not only the immediate impact of their actions have on the environment, but the long term implications as well.

Nowadays companies have started taking initiatives like Coca Cola. Coke is doing sustainability by improving the efficiency of its water use by 20% and identified the need for a rigorous third-party evaluation of its water management approach.

Hyatt Hotels have committed to reduce use of water on every guest by 25 percent by 2020. They also launched a global initiative to increase procurement of responsibly sourced seafood at its hotels, starting with an initial goal of responsibly sourcing more than 50 percent of their inventory by 2018.

Whether an industry is a FMCG or Software company, every company is nowadays looking towards sustainability and wants to protect the environment for future generation and to attract more investors.

We all should take a pledge that we will protect our environment and save it for future generation.