Switching into my Dream Career – Getting Closer to a Career in Investment Banking Through Corporate Internship

Certified in Financial Modelling & Valuation, Arushi Rajput, 2020 student of MBA-Finance, took a break from her ongoing career and enrolled in FIIB. In her quest to become an Investment Banker, she recalls her “requisite decision to make a switch was strengthened by the Industry-focused curriculum and pool of right opportunities offered to students at this place.”

On Wings of Passion

Arushi carries a keen commitment towards the Finance sector that never stopped her to take a leap of faith. She is one of those enthusiasts who gained an impressive amount of experience in the sector and yet, ready to explore the bigger picture which in her words, takes her to unseen doors leading to the world of Financial Research and Asset Valuation. Although she had already worked as a PlanSource Specialist where she was given the task to advise potential clients to make better financial decisions for self and business, her passion for financial analysis works none less than fuel

The Road to Internship 

Putting a pause on career gets even harder when one has grown up listening to phrases that sound opposite of what your dream says. But, it is the unbeatable desire of making a career in Finance that after nine months at FIIB, “I was interning as a technical analyst with the asset management wing of India’s one of the largest conglomerates, the Aditya Birla Group.” 

Although her first endeavour involved working for a firm as a financial analyst, yet stock trading, equity valuation, technical analysis, were nothing more than jargons for her until a few months back. As summer 2019 begins, so does the opportunity came knocking her door. This internship opportunity was a packaged deal, something which would give “a head-start to my professional career as it had everything I was looking for, ranging from creating my very own mutual fund to living with my folks.”

The Internship Experience

After a year-long grilling through the PGDM programme, the internship provided a perfect balance of hands-on learning, something which “I had been looking forward to; Informative, insightful, flexible and fascinating,” says Arushi on remembering her Internship experience. “Originally the internship helped me understand the key nitty-gritty of valuations but like any aspiring intern the roles I’ve been assigned to seems pretty easy on my shoulder.” She then increased her responsibilities by volunteering to train interns from different colleges, and leading group projects like creating risk profile questionnaires.

“One of the best parts of my experience has been getting to update my knowledge bank with at least one take-home learning that further formed the basic building blocks of my final project,” says Arushi when asked about the top outcomes of her three-month-long internship. Further, she quoted, “I learnt intraday stock trading, options trading, rating IPOs, creating mutual funds, reading candlestick charts, risk profiling, tracking indices and understanding global economic and political trends.” 

As she had hoped, interning at Aditya Birla Group has proven a treat to her soul which allowed her to learn something new day-in-day-out. On a more personal note, Arushi says that she was “super happy interning under a boss who not only gave valuable life lessons but has also treated me with an equal number of pizzas and mini-theatres”. She’s glad to have this opportunity in her path that is totally worth the career break she took.