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AI and The Future of Work – Solving The Man-Machine Conundrum

As the conventional workplace is experiencing a major transformation and new-gen employees demand more autonomy and meaning from the work they do, it is becoming increasingly important for business leaders to embrace modern workplace etiquettes and skills that will help them to run forward-looking businesses in today’s age of AI and automation.  With the intention …

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Hey Siri…Will You Make Me Irrelevant?

From the moment we wake up to the time we reach work in the mornings, we create at least a 1000 data points, says Shweta Homji. Being on the receiving end of this data, Shweta has seen what AI and Data can do. Algorithms are evolving at an exponential rate every second and there’s no …

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Analytics – A Crucial Skill for MBA Graduates

The competitiveness in business is often associated with right decisions at the right time which rides on ‘right information’. Managers no longer can afford to call shots based on their gut feeling and feel secure if the decision isn’t right, they will have the luxury of time to maneuver it back to the right path. …

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Technology Changing the Landscape of Jobs – An MBA Student’s Perspective

It has become very much complex to answer the question whether technology will reduce the number of jobs. The simple answer is ‘no’ but an elaborate answer would include how technology is changing the landscape of jobs and how we need to update our skills to stay relevant. Actually, there are two viewpoints, either with …

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Can India be an AI Powerhouse?

With AI alone generating over 2.3 million jobs worldwide by 2020, India’s ambition to carve a niche for itself in an increasingly AI-driven world is becoming a reality. Let’s take a closer look at how AI revolution is impacting Indian jobs and the workforce. Even as the Fourth Industrial Revolution stares us right in the …

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Can Technology Replace Human Jobs?

There are massive technology improvements in the form of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science these days. While it has made our life easier and improved efficiency of businesses there is a concern about the future of our jobs. While it can be easy to see that technology has indeed made many …

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