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Break Down Your Goals To Small Action Items

Why did you choose a career in HR? Describe your journey. “My first week at FIIB had been tough and I had no idea how to interact with everyone. I was shy and introverted and at FIIB, you had to be proactive and participative. The best part is that if FIIB demands you to be …

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You Are The Architect of Your Career

How do you describe your journey at FIIB and beyond “I started my MBA journey with high aspirations for my future, and FIIB gave me the right platform to grow. I wanted to make sure that the 2 years, I spent at FIIB are enriching as I grab every opportunity to become a better manager …

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Attitude is as Important as Aptitude

Why did you choose a career in Sales? Describe your journey. “I have always been a people person, I knew I could leverage this skill in my career, that’s why I chose a sales career. Building a career in sales isn’t easy, you need to be passionate and persistent, there would be many ups and …

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The Place I Always Call Home -‘Recharging’ at FIIB

What brought you to FIIB and how does it feel coming back? “I have come to Delhi from Hyderabad for a meeting, on my way from the airport, I realized my laptop ran out of battery, I couldn’t think of any other place than FIIB and I came here to recharge my laptop and eventually …

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The Road to Sustainable Career Comes with Twists and Turns

Why did you choose a career in International Business? Describe your journey. “The world was changing rapidly, International Business was on a rocket pace, and India was the centre of this boom. The best of the opportunities in business were within our reach with a knack in Logistics and IB, I was a starry eyed …

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A Visit from Mr Rishi Srivastava: The Homecoming of a Beloved Alumnus

Over the years we had the chance to meet with many of our alumni and are enthused by their desire to be connected deeply and meaningfully with each other and with the Institute. Their commitment to FIIB is unwavering, and their partnership is essential as FIIB grows its presence around the globe. Our Alumni has …

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Attending a Guest Lecture: Career Enhancement

Shweta Chandra guest Lecture.

At FIIB we regularly have guest lectures by industry leaders, corporate heads, social-sector reformers and of course entrepreneurs. And some of them are FIIB alumni too. On Thursday, 19th Jan’17, we had another guest lecture, and it was taken up by alumni of 2002-04 batch Ms. Shweta Chandra, AVP, Yes Bank. The main motive of …

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In Conversation with FIIB Alumnus Sandeep Sandhu

I had a great time talking to Mr Sandeep Sandhu, FIIB Alumnus Batch 1996-1998 as we talked about his time at FIIB and his journey since. Here is his story FIIB was a Journey.. As a student in one of the first batches of the Institute, I remember walking into the college boundaries as a …

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