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Learning Is Unstoppable, No Matter What The Situation Is

“An unexpected shift from my Corporate Internship to Virtual Internship has given me the much-needed chances to explore my inner potential and provided me with corporate experiences that I might not have experienced as an intern physically.” – Ananya Snehi, Second-year student – FIIB As a FIIB racer, I have not only learnt how to …

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A Shift To Virtual Learning And Flipped Classrooms – Adapting To New Business Models In The Education Sector

Businesses are working in a dynamic environment. The sudden novel coronavirus pandemic is one such example where firms are forced to change their business models and working styles to adapt to the changes brought about by the outbreak. Work from home has been a new practice being adopted everywhere. Educational institutions have a responsibility of …

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The Scope and Future of Blended Learning in Management Education

Blended Learning in MBA

  In recent times, education systems worldwide have seen a massive paradigm shift with the advancements in modern technology. Blended learning has become the new catchphrase in the global education space. Hybrid or Blended learning is a form of education system in which students can learn subjects online by watching video lectures at home and studies can be done …

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