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Building Collaboration in Teams Through a Unique Way!

Often ‘messy problems’ of any organization involves multiple stakeholders and to solve them, you need to make sure that you bring them all together to ideate and solve. Design Thinking enables that structure and allows teams to untangle and move forward. Here’s one story of our partner, Netlink and how Design Thinking helped them bring …

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From Classroom to Boardroom – Leaders of today challenge leaders of tomorrow

An institute’s alumni reflects its past, depicts its present and succours its future.   In the rapidly changing and competitive world out there, it’s important that students should be trained in advance to meet the challenges of corporate head on. Learning from seniors who can give them a clear perspective on decision making and conflict …

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Karan takes up on all things Marketing 4.0!

Traditionally, marketing was an approach to promote, advertise or campaign, including billboards, flyers, newspaper print ads, television commercials, radio ads for a product or service. Today’s customers have less time and attention to devote to your brand and they are surrounded by alternatives every step of the way. We need to stand up, get their attention …

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preterm batch 2014-2016

Last first two weeks at FIIB were great. This Pre Term session helped us to know our classmates much better and we all jelled up well. There were different activities which were organized to improve our team work and build self confidence in public speaking. FIIB master chef, minor presentations and dramatics (street play) were …

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Pre-Term Week (Batch 2014-2016)

On June 7th 2014, our Pre Term Week started with great excitement and my mind was filled with curiosity about what was lying ahead. I’d never thought that the first day of my post-graduation would be so interesting and it was really one wonderful way to start off. The Pre Term Week really helped me …

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