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What is your problem? Really.

Most of us agree with Captain Jack Sparrow. Sure, your attitude towards your problem is your first step to solving it. But have you ever asked yourself – what’s your problem? Often times when we jump into solving problems, we forget the first step – are we solving for the right problem. Confused? Let us …

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Design Think and Design Do! How Does Design Thinking Help Entrepreneurs?

One of the questions that come up during conversations around Design Thinking is how can Design Thinking help Entrepreneurs working with constrained resources. At its core, Design Thinking is an approach used to solve complex challenges, where problems and therefore proposed solutions are not obvious, where you cannot use data or insights to arrive at …

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How Can Design Thinking Help Your Business Strategy?

How many times a week do we attend meetings that discuss organizational challenges and ways to solve them? How many times did we actually think that we found solutions to these messy problems only to see them crawl back at our office desks? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? These problems range from improving customer experience to …

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Design Thinking Bootcamp – Solve your most wicked problems with simple solutions

Whether you are a manager in a multinational organization or an entrepreneur, whether you are in a government role or a professor in a university, everyone’s challenges at work have become complex today. You are expected to innovate and get lean with your solutions – do better with less and that is where Design Thinking …

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