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Education for All

“Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.”—Chanakya. Education in India is like a world inside a world where a country like India which is on the verge of becoming a super power and a global player, with the most enlightened mind propelling towards its success. There is also a flipside …

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Six Thinking Hats

                                    “Tell me and I will forget,                                  Show me and I will remember,                               Involve me and I will understand” -Chinese Proverb “The proverb is the essence of creative problem solving and learning”, said Ms Preiti …

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Retaliation in the form of ‘Slut Walk’

A week back when I was travelling by a public transport, someone passed some nasty comments on me, and I’m sure this would be a common scenario with most of the women in the world. Just to retaliate these actions a movement named Slutwalk was started. Slutwalk protest began on 3rd April 2011 in Canada …

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What Young India Wants?

Through the bonafide sources of my college Fortune Institute of International Business, I got the privilege to attend Chetan Bhagat’s book launch. The book is a collection of Chetan Bhagat’s articles of social concerns and is named as ‘What Young India Wants’. On my way to the book launch, the name of the book struck …

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