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Hey Siri…Will You Make Me Irrelevant?

From the moment we wake up to the time we reach work in the mornings, we create at least a 1000 data points, says Shweta Homji. Being on the receiving end of this data, Shweta has seen what AI and Data can do. Algorithms are evolving at an exponential rate every second and there’s no …

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Will your MBA enhance your Employability skills?

Business Institutes and Management degrees seek to prepare students for Management roles and Entrepreneurship. But, sometimes, just an MBA Degree or PGDM may not be sufficient! A degree alone is not a master key to unlocking the Career of a student. There are a few other attributes to “Success” in today’s increasingly competent recruitment scenario. …

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Social Media in HR-Story of success

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old” ― Peter F. Drucker Early on with the outbreak of social media there was a tendency for Human Resources to say that this is not my area, that’s rather a tech thing. However, we now realize that as we have reached 2013, it has …

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Industrial Quotient Analysis

1. Fools even thou they commit mistake; they try to learn from everyone. 2. When you say you want to increase something you have to work for it. 3. Finally Degrees plays as a ladder but there is a person attached to it. Were the words said by Abbas Rizvi during the San kalp 2012 …

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