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Social Media in HR

  SOCIAL MEDIA IN HR  “Life of HR: Easy or difficult with the advent of Social Media” Earlier role of HRM within organizations ranges from recruitment and selection, job analysis and appraisal to reward management. The advent of globalization and the changing nature of work, human resource management considers employees as valuable assets that contribute to the …

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Conversion Rate Optimization: You’ve Got The Power

Conversion Rate Optimization. This word changed my life by giving it a powerful boost. I can never thank enough to my friend who introduced me with this amazing concept. You want to know my story towards success. It starts from the time When I was in 12th , I had this enthusiastic feeling of doing …

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Top 11 Tools Of Web Analytics

With growing competition in Digital Marketing, Customers have variety when it comes to extracting information. Thus it is critical for Digital companies to hold on to their valued customers. In an era where Traditional marketing is slowly moving towards Digital Marketing it is becoming necessary to study each and every footprint of your customers. In …

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Facebook; this word is not just merely a word in today’s day and age. It has become a phenomena. It is something that each individual specially the youngsters are acquainted with, and if someone is not aware of it then he or she is definitely not considered to be a part of your gang. It …

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