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3 Tried & Tested Microsteps That Helped FIIBians Recharge Their Batteries During The UnplugWeek@FIIB

A week earlier, we at FIIB announced a complete ‘Unplug from Work Week’ to experience the power of ‘pausing for a bit to reboot to a happier self.’ After the hiatus, today the entire FIIB Community plugged back to work with their internal batteries recharged. While it is an absolute hustle for the workaholics to …

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Inquisitiveness, Agility and Adaptability: Key Traits Recruiters Are Looking For In Employees In The Post Covid World

It is said that it is not the strongest who survive in the challenging times but the ones who are the most adaptable. The pandemic has irritated and agitated the entire world. Be it an individual, a family or a company from any industry sector, each one of them have found the going tough. Even …

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Community & Culture – The two C’s that are influencing and changing perspectives of the New MBA grads

Amid the fog of uncertainty, aspiring young managers are charting new paths in their quest for the next normal. Sitting within the confines of their own homes they are virtually reaching out to the rest of the world and sprouting a completely new mindset of unplugging geographical barriers.  With digital technology opening new doors of …

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Why I Enjoy and Look Forward to the FIIB Mentoring Sessions with my Mentor

Going down to my memory lane, I was never assigned by a personal mentor in any of my educational institutes. So, this scenario was totally pristine for me. And after successfully completing 5 mentor-mentee sessions, I can proudly say that this is one of the most admirable programmes which FIIB has provided me.  My mentor …

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FIIB MBA Class of 2020 Charting Their Career Paths In Corporate Workforce

Finding worthwhile career opportunities amid a pandemic crisis is an uphill task, but the future leader-managers of FIIB MBA Program continue to find ways to kickstart their career tracks and fulfill their long-term career goals. Our recently graduated batch of #FIIBRacers is nothing but a true reflection of the saying, “if there is a will, …

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Thoughtful Marketing Enthusiast Turns into a Purposeful Fashion Consultant for Reliance

Anivesha Rai ’24 (Gorakhpur) who came to FIIB with a passion for Retail Marketing has found her true calling with Mothercare (Reliance Brands Limited) where she will be working as Fashion Consultant. She had pursued her campus recruitment sessions relentlessly and attended almost every opportunity that came her way. Her persistence paid off, helping her …

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Stuck at home amid the Corona Crisis, this is how FIIBians are Keeping Up Their Mood!

With Coronavirus continuing to spread, educational spaces throughout the world have now accepted the shutdown, impacting around 80% of the students globally. In a crisis situation like this, it is quite natural for the students to feel deprived and worried about what the future holds! Thankfully, students at FIIB are continuously practising some of the …

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The First Year of Business School Is Tough, But Here’s How I Thrived

“Talking honestly, my first year at FIIB was far more challenging than I expected. The grind of class assignments, group projects, guest lectures and presentations, participating in different extracurricular activities, interviewing for dozens of recruiting drives to find a good fit for my social as well as corporate internship, and enjoying FIIB’s cultural fest with …

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“B-School-Passion-Life” Balance: The Lessons I Learned During My MBA

“When I received an acceptance call from FIIB, it caused a 360-degree turn in my personal life as my parents wanted me to travel a different lane. Belonging to conservative middle-class ménage, I knew that making the choice to go back to school to pursue an MBA would be an adjustment. But, isn’t not choosing …

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Deepening Bonds to Drive Growth: A Message From Radhika Shrivastava, FIIB’s Executive Director

“We opened 2019 with a commitment to deeply listen to, engage with and bring happiness to the lives that we touch – students, alumni, employees, corporate partners. As the year comes to an end now, it’s time to look back and reflect on our efforts to deliver what we had promised.” Radhika Shrivastava, FIIB’s Executive …

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