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The Best Management Experience…Ever!!!

Samavesh 2015 has been one of the finest experiences in short course of life. It has been one of the best management lessons. FIIB has given me a great platform in the form of Samavesh to showcase my leadership skills and learn extensively about how to work professionally. With the help of the faculty mentors, …

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A weekend filled with – FUN LEARNING……

After long and hectic days and busy schedules at FIIB, we finally got the dates for the summer break, although we had to complete our summer internship during this time.  The period of internship was meant for understanding and getting experienced in the fields that always were the areas of our interest and things finally …

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Rendezvous with Walton College of Business

18th-19th May, 2013 were one of the best days in the lives of my colleagues and I when we received the students from The Walton College of Business (WCoB) Arkansas, USA as a part of their study abroad program where they visited New Delhi. “I am loving India a lot, I would probably want to …

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Industrial Quotient Analysis

1. Fools even thou they commit mistake; they try to learn from everyone. 2. When you say you want to increase something you have to work for it. 3. Finally Degrees plays as a ladder but there is a person attached to it. Were the words said by Abbas Rizvi during the San kalp 2012 …

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Retaliation in the form of ‘Slut Walk’

A week back when I was travelling by a public transport, someone passed some nasty comments on me, and I’m sure this would be a common scenario with most of the women in the world. Just to retaliate these actions a movement named Slutwalk was started. Slutwalk protest began on 3rd April 2011 in Canada …

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MBA exams..My first!

Tttrrrriiinnng…ttrrriiinnng, there goes my alarm clock sharp at 6am and an end to my beautiful sleep. There was a time when I never did see an early morning and felt that warm sun’s rays on me. Though it is very difficult to get up early from the bed, having slept only for 5 hours, I …

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The Sheep Thief

I sat with a coffee in my hand watching the raindrops pour. I was reminded of my college days when I was pursuing my Political Science (H) only for my father’s happiness. It was during then I came across a book in my college library. Titled The Sheep Thief and authored by Al Walker, this …

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My First MBA Exams…. Someone Help

It was a Sunday morning and it was raining heavily outside. With my morning tea in one hand and a copy of the Hindustan Times on my lap, I sat in the balcony attached to my room, and some really interesting thoughts crossed my mind. “Not even a month has passed since I finished with …

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