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Avoiding common mistakes during Group Discussions

MBA admissions

Good communication skills are as important as a good educational qualification. You may be excellent at your work and possess all other necessary skills to perform well in your job and the role around it. However, communication skills give you an edge over others, as often good orators and presenters are considered as people good …

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Revive the Resume

So it’s time to answer the age old question “tell me about yourself!” yes, the time of interviews and placements. But first things first, your resume or popularly known as the CV is the first crucial stage of your hiring process. You can’t really neglect the importance of a well written and well drafted resume. …

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How to Impress the MBA Admissions Committee

Admissions at FIIB

With admissions process at beginning, most of the aspiring students are bound to feel that the process is pretty daunting, especially when you consider the acceptance rate of the leading business schools in India. It is easy to get influenced in what sounds good to you, or what seems impressive to your friends, co-workers or …

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