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View From The Top and How To Get There – CXOs speak about their early careers and the journey to the top

The top corner office is enticing but not everyone gets to be up there; The path is gruelling, and the journey arduous. CXOs do it all, they draw up strategies, they head major projects, they hire the right people, and sometimes they even oversee the assembly lines. What makes them different from others? Most importantly …

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An insider perspective of TEDxFIIB – Varying shades of empowerment

On 25th August 2018, FIIB hosted its first chapter of TEDxFIIB with the theme The Empowered ‘Self”. With bubbling anticipation and sparkling enthusiasm, students, alumni, and the rest of the FIIB community celebrated ideas worth spreading. As part of the event, 9 absolutely amazing storytellers, each with a unique story to tell, took stage and …

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How does one stay motivated while going through depression

In today’s world, while everyone wants to achieve their career goals, earn huge money, desire for perfect love, need fame, become successful and get acceptance from society, it’s easy to fall for traps that hinder our way to live our life which should be fulfilling and full of happiness. One such situation can be dealing …

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The Shift Series – Challenging the Challenges

On May 2, 2015 the Shift Series presented a conference at Teen Murti Bhawan with the concept of challenging the challenges. This helped to make the audience realize that challenges are there in everyone’s life and it’s not right to blame your destiny, rather than dealing with the challenges. The team of inspiring speakers like …

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