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How to Manage Corporate Internship Challenges

I had a wonderful opportunity to attend Sankalp, an employability workshop conducted by FIIB as a part of its Management fest. During one of the sessions at Sankalp, Prof. Jones (our marketing area faculty) talked about how to manage corporate internship challenges. The session gave answers to many questions that I have been debating upon …

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How to Score High in Interviews through Self Exploration

In the process of indulging in various episodes of life, we often tend to forget to look at and to explore ourselves from within. It is not a matter of spiritual enlightenment, but about having clarity of self-image and personality that may help from our career perspective. On 10th February, we attended a fantastic session …

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Industrial Quotient Analysis

1. Fools even thou they commit mistake; they try to learn from everyone. 2. When you say you want to increase something you have to work for it. 3. Finally Degrees plays as a ladder but there is a person attached to it. Were the words said by Abbas Rizvi during the San kalp 2012 …

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WELCOME is one of those positive words which gives us a warm feeling. A feeling which is captivating. And, this is how we started our series of workshops in SANKALP, 2012 with our first workshop in SANKALP, Effective Presentations. This workshop was taken by Prof. Santosh Sood, Senior Professor, Fortune Institute Of International business. The …

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