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Learning Marketing Strategies at FIIB Marketing Fair

National Marketing Conference (NMC)  dealt  with  informative discussions among experts in the panel including an inspection of how it is possible for business schools to teach the subject of marketing from contemporary marketing perspective in  a way that the relevance and quality of teaching and research in marketing practices become useful to business community, faculty, …

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The Best Management Experience…Ever!!!

Samavesh 2015 has been one of the finest experiences in short course of life. It has been one of the best management lessons. FIIB has given me a great platform in the form of Samavesh to showcase my leadership skills and learn extensively about how to work professionally. With the help of the faculty mentors, …

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Continued to Shreesti’s post- ‘Is it irresponsibility or simply a lack of vision?’ on the topic Clean Water Availability, I will discuss about some parts of the world which are currently facing  huge clean water crisis. Most of us who are reading this blog have not faced the water crisis often. But there are people across …

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Rendezvous with Walton College of Business

18th-19th May, 2013 were one of the best days in the lives of my colleagues and I when we received the students from The Walton College of Business (WCoB) Arkansas, USA as a part of their study abroad program where they visited New Delhi. “I am loving India a lot, I would probably want to …

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Six Thinking Hats

                                    “Tell me and I will forget,                                  Show me and I will remember,                               Involve me and I will understand” -Chinese Proverb “The proverb is the essence of creative problem solving and learning”, said Ms Preiti …

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Interview Time- 3 things to carry with you

Have you always wondered how to crack a job interview? How to leave an impression on the recruiter in merely five minutes? How to hit the jackpot and grab the highest package? Well, here are the three simple things that one should carry during an interview to ensure success is yours. Confidence “To succeed in …

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MBA exams..My first!

Tttrrrriiinnng…ttrrriiinnng, there goes my alarm clock sharp at 6am and an end to my beautiful sleep. There was a time when I never did see an early morning and felt that warm sun’s rays on me. Though it is very difficult to get up early from the bed, having slept only for 5 hours, I …

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