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My Best Friend

“A group of sheep can be called as a flock, herd or a trip. And what does a group of people coming together and gets knitted together called? “The answer is “friends “. When I sat to write one day, nothing struck me as a good topic to write on. I thought and thought and …

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Credit Card Fraud: Anatomy of a credit card hack

Who doesn’t have a credit card in today’s day and age? Everything seems to be about plastic money. A credit card makes it easier for you to make cash transactions; it comes with loyalty points which can be redeemed for cash vouchers or other freebies. It is all about convenience and anything else seems to …

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Think Again

Technology is said to be helping us to do task with (either or all) ease, in lesser time, with greater efficiency (something like this Aamir khan described in 3 idiots) While I myself believe in using technology to help me in various ways and started reading news items on mobile while traveling to work instead …

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